outfit: the last generation on earth

splendid tank nisolo everlane

This outfit is plain and simple.  Not much to say here.

Through work, I’ve met a lot of people affected by the recent hurricanes and find myself more worried about climate change than ever before.  I was asked recently about a comment I made earlier about whether it’s ethical to have children in the wake of an impending environmental catastrophe…

With my biological clock ticking, it’s something I go back and forth on a lot.  Most people focus on the effect overpopulation has on the environment but I’m actually more concerned about the risks of climate change to the child and her suffering.  We are at a unique position in history, faced with the choice of becoming the last generation (and party until the end of time).  Sounds tempting.

I’m a realist, and I’m not optimistic about climate change but I do believe there is a chance that things will be OK (especially for privileged people in developed nations) with the advancement of technology.  And because I am one of those privileged people, it’s easier for me to mitigate risks to my future children.  Sometimes I rationalize that the miracle of consciousness is such a gift, that even a couple decades of life would be worth the gamble.

Most of my female work mentors who are in their 60s and 70s, who are also mothers and grandmothers, are not concerned about the environment at all.  It’s just not something they grew up worrying about or feel is worth fretting over.  I wonder if millennial mothers are in general, more worried about the environment than millennial non-mothers because of their children?  It’s something I’d expect to see, but in reality I don’t come across many mothers that seem quite as obsessed about climate change as child-less/free millennial women I know.  Maybe there’s just no time or mental energy left to worry.  Or maybe all the anticipatory anxiety about having children gets displaced on to the topic of climate change?

[outfit:  splendid cotton tank*, everlane cashmere boyfriend cardigan, levi’s 501ct, nisolo oliver oxfords*]

One thought on “outfit: the last generation on earth

  1. I’m notoptimistic either. It seems kind of taboo to even talk about, which I understand, but it’s been on my mind a lot. So thank you for bringing it up.

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