outfit: slouch potato

everlane nisolo apc margiela 2017-10-15 at 2.38.48 PM

I’m a little out of my comfort zone here.  These are my very first pair of white pants!  Let’s hope I don’t spill coffee all over them.  As you might know, I’ve been stalking the slouchy chinos from Everlane for a while now and absolutely fell in love with them (to my surprise) when I tried them on in the Manhattan showroom.  Finally a pair of pants that look much better on a “real” body than on models.

I wanted the black ones but they were sold out in my size for the longest time (now available!).  I was worried about the dirt factor with the white color, but I ended up finding these pre-owned at 50% off and decided to take a risk and went for it.  I’m glad I did. A lot of reviews mentioned that they were too sheer but I think people were over reacting about that.  Nude panties are required but that’s not a big deal.

slouchy trousers everlane white 2017-10-15 at 2.40.38 PM.png

I really love the shape.  At times they look really big, like hammer pants especially when you’re moving around, but they drape nicely into a less extreme silhouette when you’re standing still.  The fabric is light and buttery soft.  I tried the go-weave version, but the material felt too synthetic and the drape had a lifeless, lame appearance.  The soft chino fabric is what makes this cut work.  Avoid the go-weave!  And size down.  I usually wear a 6, and got these in a 4 and they are a bit loose still.  I could probably fit into a size 2, but a 4 is safer because they will probably shrink in the dryer.

Cold weather has ambushed us in NYC this week, so I’ll have to save these pants for the spring/summer months next year.  When I’m back in LA though, I’m sure I’ll be able to wear them year round.  Can’t wait.  I’ll be in Palm Springs California for a week in November and plan on wearing these babies around as much as possible.

Like everyone else, I’m prepping my closet for fall and winter. I’m getting sweaters dry cleaned, investing in a sweater de-piller, conditioning the leather on my boots and bags, revamping my supply of leggings and socks, and tossing out stale summer clothes that I didn’t actually wear this year.

I bought a pair of those boyfriend jeans in black from everlane, in hopes of adding another fuller coverage pant that I could wear to work during the colder months, but the jeans had more of a skinny jean silhouette than I was going for.  I also didn’t like how the legs flared out slightly at the bottom.  It’s barely noticeable but I couldn’t get over it.  I am not a fan of flared jeans, no exceptions, never.  Back they go.

[outfit:  maison margiela top*, everlane slouchy chinos in size 4*, nisolos oliver oxfords*, APC nepal coat (similar)] 

4 thoughts on “outfit: slouch potato

  1. Welcome to the fan club. I have these pants in khaki and black. I cant wear my denim anymore – they feel like a prison for the legs after a season in these pants. I dont like that they are made of poplin, would have preferred something a little thicker. After 2 months of wear, they have indentation in places where my knees reside when I sit down. I hope they come out with the same cut in other fabrics in the future.

    The pants look really good on you. Awesome outfit.


    1. I did read ur post about that! I probably won’t wear these pants that often because you can only wear white pants so much so hopefully the knee bulging won’t get so bad. Maybe a cotton twill fabric would be better.


  2. They look great, and I love that length on a casual pant. It would be a shame to miss out on the Nisolos!!

    RE: the sweater de-piller, I use a PURE cashmere comb for sweaters with any blend of cashmere. It’s $5 or $6 on their US website. The comb isn’t great for merino (I use one of those battery powered shearing tools for that), but is safe for a more delicate knit. The Laundress makes a similar comb but costs $20…


    1. Thanks M. I tried a depiller comb once but it didn’t work well.. I just got my battery powered one in the mail and had a field day on my sweaters. I’ll post a review on it soon.


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