outfit: countryside

OUTFIT elizabeth suzann

Today I look like I was plucked straight from the countryside of Vietnam.  All I need is one of those rice paddy hats.  My half-Vietnamese mother would be proud.  I dress like this to work and in honor of hard work. 

Side note:  Has anyone seen the Ken Burns PBS documentary on the Vietnam War yet?  It’s required watching for every American, IMO.  (The horror! is real) and reminds us to be grateful for how good we all have it.  Highly recommend.

Back to this outfit.  This work shirt is one of my all time favorites.  I just love the durable fabric and the invisible buttons that snap close.  Easy peasy.  It’s usually worn when my pants lack pockets as they do here.   They’re handy for holding all the stuff I juggle with all day.  Besides being practical, I think well placed pockets simply look cool and can make a huge difference on the overall design of a garment.

This outfit says: this woman moves around and needs to get stuff done!  What does your outfit say today?

[outfit:  trade-mark 4-pocket work shirt*, elizabeth suzann tilda pants, everlane crossover sandals]

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