outfit: the ranger

ranger pant jesse kamm

The anticipation is over– the Ranger pants from Jesse Kamm finally arrived!

I love them! But they do make me feel motivated to lose a couple inches off my waist.  The waist to hip ratio is a bit unforgiving.  If only I could take a couple inches off my belly and insert them into my thighs and butt.  Nevertheless I love the design of these pants.  The rise is very high just like the sailor pants.  The Rangers are essentially the sailor pants but taken in at the hips by an inch and tapered at the ankles.  The thigh area billows out just slightly like the ES Clyde work pants, but might be fitted on someone with larger thighs.

What makes them really unique is how they were able to construct the pants without an outer seam down the leg.  Initially the pants come folded and its creased along the sides, but the shape looks really nice if you can iron out that crease, for a smooth tapered silhouette.  My favorite part is the the front pockets.  They are nearly invisible and functions well as a large iPhone holder.  I’m going to get the hem taken up about 2.5 inches.  They are folded in this picture but you can barely tell.

The fabric feels sturdy.  It’s somewhat dry and stiff, almost like a thick paper bag might feel, with slight variations in the color when you look up close.  I’m usually a size 27 in pants and bought these in a size 6.  They feel about 1 inch too tight around my waist and about 1 inch too loose around the hips and thighs on me.  I’m hoping the waist stretches out just a tad, which they are supposed to.  If you have short legs like me, these pants will make them look 5 inches longer.

They’re fine for wearing to work too, which is what I did today.  I wore a sweater up top that covered the waist line, so they didn’t even look like high waisted pants.  There are certain settings at work where you really don’t want to look too fashionable and these pants look totally “normal” if you don’t tuck in your shirt.

[outfit:  Jesse Kamm Ranger in Midnight, Maison Margiela cotton/linen tank, Kork Ease wedges]

4 thoughts on “outfit: the ranger

  1. I think the Ranger is very flattering – and I love that there are pockets, but cleverly hidden. It’s a nice clean silhouette, but you still have that functionality when you need it.


    1. They didn’t really stretch out.. maybe 2-3millimeters at most. They don’t stretch out to the degree that 100% cotton denim stretches. I was so paranoid to wash them, but I air dried them and stuffed a pillow into the waist while they dried because i cannot afford to have these babies shrink.


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