outfit: Finally, a hit.

stripe tee dress everlane 2017-09-29 at 8.34.17 PM

I had 5 Everlane credits to use.  Not sure how I got credits but I decided to do some economical shopping this week by using credits on an already budget friendly shopping list. 

I bought two basic pieces: a white t shirt and this striped t shirt dress.  It was a safe shopping cart, and finally a “hit” (as Grechen would call it) after I suffered through several duds  from them (exhibit A and B).

I’ve learned the value of trying on their stuff at the showroom before buying.  Given how convenient it is for me to visit the one in NYC, I should do that more often and report back here.

I got this dress in size extra small and if I were to do it again I’d get it in small, so that it can be loose fit through the entire length.  Right now it is slightly fitted at the uterus area (no bueno!). A straight silhouette for anything with horizontal stripes looks better.  There’s too much visual noise otherwise.

[outfit: everlane box cut tee dress, sas relaxed sandals]

2 thoughts on “outfit: Finally, a hit.

  1. I was looking at this in the thick stripes for a while, but actually you’ve convinced me this one is better. Its a goodlength. Glad to see it look good on a regular size person. thanks for the post!


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