outfit: it’s autumn? ( + 3 books and some beauty additions)


outfit:  As a short-ish person, I can’t pull off dresses that cover my knees.  

Anything longer swallows me up.  This everlane linen racerback dress was too long, so I had 3 inches taken off at the hem.  It looked nice (picture above), but then the next day it shrunk another 3 inches in the dryer, so now it’s virtually unwearable outdoors.  Sad.  It still works as something easy to throw on around the house, so not a total loss.

I also took 3 inches off my hair.  After dying it many times, my normally thick, strong hair became stringy and weak when wet.  I plan to keep my natural color for a while until new hair replaces the damaged parts.  Has anyone tried that Olaplex stuff to prevent damage from bleach?  I hear it works miracles when you use it during the dying process.  If it actually works, maybe it can help me get back to my favorite hair color, an ashy light brown.

Reading:   I’m back to reading  books for fun.  Right now I’m rotating between 3 non-fiction books:  Garbology by Edward Humes,  Nothing Ever Dies:  Vietnam and the Memory of War by Viet T. Nguyen, and What Happened by Hillary Clinton.  If you’re watching the new Ken Burns documentary on PBS about ‘nam, then I highly recommend you read Nothing Ever Dies afterward to raise your social consciousness and get a new perspective on the war.  What are you reading.  Any good non-fiction recs?


Beauty:  I’m excited to share a few new beauty favorites.   I switched over to NARS tinted moisturizer foundation a few months ago and I’m really happy I did.  It goes on super quick with a foundation brush and feels light.  Every month or so I do a mask to clear out my pores.  I know it’s time to do this when my make up starts to look bumpy.  This clay mask by Origins is my new favorite.  It makes my face feel brand new and allows moisturizer to really sink in.

I ran out of brow make up and planned to get everyone’s favorite, Anastasia’s Brow Wiz.  When I tried it at Sephora though, that tiny pencil tip took forever to fill in my gigantic brows.  I don’t have that kind of time in the morning so I went for Anastacia’s dipbrow pomade in ash brown instead.  I like the formula.  It has good staying power, goes on quickly, and has a soft appearance.  A+.

And lastly, I’m in love with Living Proof’s new product, dry volume blast.  There’s nothing else like it.  It adds light texture and volume to your roots in a super satisfying cold dry blast.  If it weren’t so damn expensive I’d be spraying that thing on my hair all day long.  The light citrus scent smells good and dissipates quickly.  All LP products smell good without being overpowering.  I’ve used LP styling products for 5+ years now, and haven’t found anything else that comes close.  Highly recommend, even though I’m not a fan of Janiston.

[outfit:  everlane racerback dress, arizona birkenstocks taupe suede; beauty kit:  origins clay mask, anastacia dipbrow pomade, glossier generation g lipstick, stila liquid liner, nars tinted moisturizer, living proof dry volume blast]


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