outfit: finally friday!


I’m so glad it’s Friday, and so glad to be done with boards!  Yay.  I broke out my old corduroy jacket in celebration.  In preparation for Fall, I added a few more things to my wardrobe this week…  

I bought a t shirt and t shirt dress from Everlane after trying them on at the NYC showroom.  The t-shirt will replace my beloved James Perse tee that got stained badly with hair dye at the salon a few weeks ago.  Never going back to that salon again.  I do plan on cutting my hair short this weekend.  Going for a blunt short bob with lots of volume, no bangs.

I also ordered a couple things from the Real Real, a pair of black trousers from the Row that will hopefully cover most of my ankles just in time for cold weather and a linen shell top from Maison Margiella that I’m going to use as a base layer (already I’ve worn it 3x over the course of a week– a good sign it will become a closet staple).

Does anyone know how to prevent feet from feeling hot in leather shoes?  I love these day flats but hate how warm they feel by mid day.  I find myself kicking off my shoes to let my feet “breathe” every chance I get.

And finally, I wonder if anyone else is feeling stressed out about climate change?  With all these devastating hurricanes, it’s been on the forefront of my mind lately.  It’s hard not to feel completely hope/help-less sometimes…

[outfit:  american apparel corduroy jacket, zara organic cotton top, madewell straight chinos*, coach mini bag*, everlane day flats]

8 thoughts on “outfit: finally friday!

  1. That jacket is adorable! I want to see more photos of it.
    I can relate about the sweaty feet. I think mine are abnormal in how easily they get sweaty in almost any shoes I wear without socks. I’ve bought shoe liners (really thin socks either made from cotton or nylon) to help with this. Sometimes it works, but sometimes not. It’s hard to find ones that don’t slip off the ankle and bunch up in the shoe though.


      1. I wear the Hue Women’s Ultra Low Cut No Show Liner Sock and they’re amazing. I wear them daily with all my shoes. They don’t slip down my feet and almost never show since they’re lower cut. Another benefit is I find my shoes last a lot longer because they don’t get grungy on the inside over time.


  2. I try to make little impacts by upgrading to more energy efficient appliances and systems in my home, and when I buy a new car next year it’s going to be a hybrid! I thought about getting on the wait list for the upcoming entry-level Tesla model, but earlier this year they lost their license to sell cars in my state, so the local dealership closed. I could still order direct from the company, but it would stress me out to think about getting the car serviced when there’s no dealership in town…

    The bulk of my corporate job involves planning for and responding to (mostly weather-related) catastrophic emergencies and natural disasters. This year has been ROUGH weather-wise, and there’s still a full month left in the Atlantic hurricane season.


  3. I dont remember if this was the post. But I remember you asking something in the lines of ‘is it ethical to have children if you know whats coming for them in terms of climate change’. I have been thinking of it for a long time with no conclusion. Where are you at ?


    1. I did mention that.. I forget but maybe I deleted the comment. I do go back and forth on that a lot. It certainly gives me pause.. The next generation will be harder pressed to make the decision to stop procreating I bet. Have you seen the movie Children of Men? Sometimes, I imagine the world looking like that 50 years from now…


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