outfit: tuesday, snooze day


Here’s what I wore to work on Tuesday.  This Everlane cashmere cardigan is more of a navy blue, but it looks black here because I got home late and there wasn’t any natural sunlight coming in.  I’ve worn this cardigan about 10 times and its already pilling quite a bit.  Would I buy it again?  No.  

And this is me immediately changing into more comfortable shoes post work.  I think maybe this outfit would look better if I tucked the top in a bit.

outfit9.40.46 PM

I’m still on the hunt for all purpose pants that are tapered and covers the ankles for the fall/winter months.  Those jesse kamm ranger pants would be perfect; I imagine I could get my tailer to chop 3″ off the default 29″ inseam and get it to hit just at the middle of my ankle so that only an inch of sock is visible.  They look so cute! Dang it.  I’m going to have to save up / sell some more clothes to justify that purchase.

[outfit:  everlane cashmere cardigan, eileen fisher linen top, elizabeth suzann clyde pants, SAS relax sandals, clue watch, vintage coach mini bag, muji small tote]

ps. I’ve been binge watching Terrace House on Netflix; it’s a Japanese reality TV show that most people would find boring, but I’m so fascinated with observing how Japanese social dynamics differs from ours.  Highly recommend, if you need something light to watch.



  1. Have you ever browsed The Real Real? They have a lot of nice, lined and unlined pants, and I’ve found that the measurements are accurate in the item description (returns are accepted on everything except final sale). Since you likely have to factor in the cost of alteration, secondhand might be a good option. I bought a Dolce & Gabbana suit there several months ago (I almost NEVER need a proper suit, so I didn’t want to spend more than I absolutely had to)… it was a more than 90% less than retail and looked as though it had never been worn. Especially if you know your sizes, it can be worth looking. I think a lot of people who buy at that luxury price point only wear clothes once or twice before sending them off to consignment.



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