outfit: for re-arranging furniture

SAS relax sandal

My board exam is in 9 days (*gulp*).  It’s been crazy busy for me.  On my study break today, I decided to move some furniture around (this is what I consider fun).  We didn’t have a sofa for a while after the bedbug nightmare and it was actually kinda nice having an almost empty living room. I enjoyed the echo and the ease of cleaning the floors, but eventually I felt we needed to get back to being “normal people” again and bought a much smaller midcentury modern sofa and Herman Miller style lounge chair with a matching coffee table.  It’s insane how cheap Herman Miller knock offs are online.  We got a new sofa, lounge chair, coffee table, and small dining table for under $600!  (I’m sure the manufacturing process is majorly unethical in some way, but there really aren’t that many affordable options).  

I snapped this outfit picture after moving our full length mirror so that it faces our brick wall and catches some natural light.  Here I am with the SAS relax sandals again.  I thought they were so comfortable, I ended up getting a pair in black too (pre-owned).  I figure in the fall and winter, it will be easier to pull off socks and sandals if they were in black.

I’m a bit worried about my fall wardrobe.  A lot of my old work tunics that I pair with winter leggings are no longer wearable.  And lately, I’ve been so tired of the tunic over leggings style and want to stick with pants, but the problem is with NYC winters, your ankles cannot be exposed at all, lest you want them to freeze off.  It is so hard to find tapered trousers that cover the ankles just enough without swallowing up your feet.

I went to the Everlane showroom in NYC last week and tried on the slouchy chino trousers in black and was really surprised at how good they looked.  I actually think it looks better on a normal person than on the models.  But of course they are sold out in black and so are the black boyfriend cut jeans that I wanted as well.  I was really unimpressed with the other denim styles/colors.  Why so many damn skinny jeans!?  Everlane’s inventory situation is so frustrating.

In other news, I dyed my hair back to its natural dark brown color and chopped off about 2 inches straight across (no layers).  It looks very average, which is exactly what I was going for, lol. When it gets cold, I want to go even shorter since I won’t need it long in order to tie up.   And before I go, I have a beauty rec to share!  All summer I’ve been wearing Glossier’s generation G lipstick in color “like”.  It’s the perfect no make up lipstick that gives your lips just a hint of color.  It has a dry light texture that literally seems to disappear on your lips.  No smell and no residue. Haven’t found a formula quite like it anywhere else.

[outfit:  pre-owned Madewell bodysuit, APC shorts, SAS relax sandal, cluse watch]

13 thoughts on “outfit: for re-arranging furniture

  1. I really like how you make outfits of light neutrals work. The entire photo (even if it is a quick mirror snap) goes together really well in terms of color.

    I am a lowly medical student with corresponding housing, but I do dream of furniture and working on my living space. There was recently a potluck at an attending’s house and I spotted an Eames lounge chair and ottoman. He said it was real; when I sat on it, I guess I felt cool.


  2. I was literally just looking at my pants earlier today and realizing that every single pair is ankle length. !! Why is it so hard to find good-looking full length pants?! I think I will be wearing my Chelsea boots constant to keep my ankles warm, or a pop of wool socks pulled up high.


    1. I know me too. I would totally do the sock thing too except most of my ankle pants are cropped pretty high up and that much sock showing would look silly at work. I also wish there were more supportive chelsea boots out there that didn’t look so clunky.


  3. I love the poly&bark chair! I have been looking for a beautiful and affordable chair to replace an old thrift store one. My living room is **small** and space is always at a premium. I love the look of this chair because its simple, i.e. you can see through and around it, and light can hit it from many angles. Anyhow, I just ordered … thanks for the unexpected great find!

    Two questions: was it a big pain to assemble, as the reviews made it sound? And, does it feel comfortable enough to sit and read/lounge/drink tea in for 20-30min at a time?

    Thanks, Michelle!


    1. we love the chair, it’s sturdy and easy to put together. the thin profile opens up the space. Its comfortable too, like enough to work on your laptop for an hour or so on it. the chair is a bit shorter than i expected so if youre like 6 feet tall maybe its too small. =)


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