outfit: my inner grandma

organic john patrick 2017-08-31 at 6.02.22 PM

This outfit has been on high rotation lately.   It’s top to bottom comfort all the way.  I can’t say enough about the weight, softness and drape of this John Patrick tee.  And I love the relaxed feel of these loose fit chinos.

I recently invested in these “Relax sandals” from San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS).  They have a mini cult following based on all the reviews I read raving about these.  They are definitely more comfortable than Birks and a little more dressed up.  The monochromatic detail of the hardware and leather make all the difference in the design.  The edges along the straps have a discreet puffiness to them to prevent any uncomfortable rubbing.  All in all, it’s a well thought out design and the least ugly pair within the comfort sandal category I could find.  

They come in wide, regular, and narrow and have 3 fully adjustable straps each with 6 buckle holes to choose from.  They’re true to size and are the first shoes that I feel fit me perfectly in all directions.  For reference, I’m wearing a size 9 narrow.  I hadn’t heard of SAS before finding these, but this company still manufactures all their shoes by hand in the United States (this video sums it up; the little old man in the video is so adorable!).

organic john patrick 2017-08-31 at 6.04.44 PM

These are going to replace my pre owned Stuart Weitzman platform sandals, which I’ll put up for sale.  The straps on the SW sandals were too loose and I worried about twisting my ankle with them on.  With age, my tolerance for all things uncomfortable has gone way down and I’m much more quick to let those things go.  How about you?  Do you have any grandma style things in your closet?

As for a recommendation on something you don’t need to buy:  I’m listening to the new album by War On Drugs, Deeper Understanding.  It’s really good!  The songs feel fresh but wholesome and honest at the same time.  The leadsinger writes about gaining a deeper understanding of himself through therapy; his fear of failing as a musician and insecurities about himself in general.  It’s rare to find modern music that harkens back to classic styles a la Bruce Springsteen but don’t bore you to death either.

[outfit: organic by john patrick tee*, madewell straight chinos*, SAS relax sandal]

5 thoughts on “outfit: my inner grandma

  1. I hope you post a pic of your new one’s as well! They truly are the most comfy cozy shoes available today. @josiefredericks


  2. Those shoes look so nice. I really like that there’s a strap around the back.
    I read an article on Man Repeller about this sort of style where you just wear what’s comfortable no matter what – Menocore. It’s about women dressing like they are middle-aged/seniors and the meno part refers to menopause. This is all meant tongue-in-cheek of course, but it is pretty apt if you think about it.
    I feel a lot of my wardrobe has turned into grandma style clothes, but I’m totally ok with that. I’m tired of trying to make all the form-fitted clothing work for me. I just want everything to be baggy and comfy.


    1. Thanks you. Wow I never heard of menocore before but that’s brilliant. I’m all for embracing comfort and dropping the self consciousness about it. There’s a way to do it with style I think.


  3. I’m in ATX for the next couple of weeks and may have to track down a SAS store… I would love to try those out as an alternative to Birkenstocks, which for me feel very comfortable when I’m wearing them but actually aggravate my stiff joints if I walk in them for more than a few hours (some subtle difference about the way I distribute body weight when stepping, apparently). I miss my Birkenstocks.


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