outfit: my first cheetah print anything

all black elizabeth suzann clyde

Outfit posts are so much more fun than studying…  Here’s a quick one.  I just received these Loeffler Randal d’orsays in the mail today and love the look of this cheetah print.

Not all cheetah prints are made equal ya know.  I particularly like this one because the black dots are bold and well defined against a muted burnt sienna background.  I think the orange-y versions with the semi circle & dot pattern are soo tacky.

What I don’t like though, is that it’s loose at the heel and forefoot, mostly because my foot is way too narrow for its size.  I would die for those cute little chubby feet every other girl has, but such is life.  I’ll have to bring it to the cobbler to tighten it.  Btw, random fact, I go to the same cobbler that was in the 2015 Adam Sandler flop of a film The Cobbler.

It seems like I’m always getting new shoes doesn’t it?  The reality is I plow through shoes very quickly.  These sandals are replacing sandals I destroyed after only 4 months of wear.  Maybe it’s a symptom of living in Manhattan because shoes used to last way longer when I was living back in LA.

[outfit:  zara organic cotton top, elizabeth suzann clyde pants, loeffler randall d’orsays]


5 thoughts on “outfit: my first cheetah print anything

  1. Those shoes look good. I wish I had the skinny feet problem. I always feel like I’m having to stretch out my shoes (except barefoot styles) and it’s very annoying.


      1. I know what you mean. I think Lems does the best job of making them look as normal as possible while still adhering to their ideals about the shoes. Vivobarefoot is getting better at it as well.


  2. It’s all that walking, right? I have those ‘chubby’ little feet and I find them rather annoying! Far too often the cute shoes are too narrow for my feet. And my feet are already big, so when I size up to accommodate for width I end up with boats. The grass is always greener, eh? Interesting about your cobbler! Last night my husband and I were at dinner, and we noticed that Tim Robbins was seated a few tables behind us. Kind of fascinating to observe celebrities out in the wild…


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