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Dr. It Girl Peonies and Birks

I’m so excited to share these links with you guys.

Have you seen those new Jesse Kamm Ranger Pants?  OMG. I haven’t felt this voracious about a single wardrobe item in a long time! …which brings me to the first link:

  1.  You have to check out Dearly Bethany!  She’s got great style and makes super high quality OOTD videos, with a focus on ethical wardrobe essentials.  She talks about what it’s like to get dressed as a girl on the shorter side, which I can so relate with.  She’s reassured me that those Jesse Kamm Ranger pants can be tailored for short legs and still look great. She’s got a nice voice, but it’s a little slow, so if you are impatient like me, I’d suggest watching on 1.5 speed.
  2. I’ve had this home tour of Elisa Restrepo’s home saved on my bookmarks bar for years now.  I return to it from time to time to get interior design inspiration.  She’s so perfect.  It is kind of insane.
  3. And lastly, you have to watch the BBC documentary on the art of Japanese life.  The part about Sesshu Toyo’s ink wash paintings was my fav.  Although Sesshu doesn’t get credit for it, he is the world’s first minimalist artist. I would love to have a large scale reprint of one of his painting hanging in my future dream living room.

In other news, I’ve been on a bit of a self improvement stint lately.  I’ve literally never worked out my entire life (seriously) and after I almost giving myself a hernia the other day by simply coughing, I realized I better start now.  I’ve been doing some at home pure barre and will take my first official class tomorrow.  I’m a little nervous, especially about the ab work out part, which I struggle with the most.  So yea, lots of anticipatory anxiety over here, but nothing a little self administered CBT won’t fix.  Wish me luck!

And if anyone is interested, I’m putting my extra pair of Elizabeth Suzann Tilda pants up for sale here.

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