outfit: a silk tank with perfect drape

cuyana birkenstock taupe

Back again!  I love taking a little breather from real life to write here.  It’s been crazy busy.  And all I want is more time to relax.  Work has been hectic and I’ve been spending my nights studying for my board exams.  ughh... But back to getting dressed!

I’ve been stalking this silk tank by Cuyana for a long time and got super excited when I found it pre-owned for $20 (retail $138!).  I’ve worn it at least 5 times this past month.  No matter how you tuck it into your pants, it will drape beautifully.  You won’t have to constantly readjust.  It’s 3 ply thickness is less prone to wrinkles (unlike Grana).  I was surprised to find out they are manufactured in New York City.

If you look closely, you’ll notice high quality seams with no loose threads.  I love all the subtle details about this tank, like how the seams at the bust have an almost vertical slant; how the seams at the shoulders lie in the back so you get perfectly smooth shoulder tops.  I think it looks best tucked and appreciate the long length so you get enough wiggle room for a big billowy drape.

Now that I own one, I will say the retail price is actually pretty reasonable given its made in New York, made of high grade silk and expertly sewn.  I can see myself holding onto this top for many years to come.

cuyana silk tank

This tank and others like it pair so well with high waisted non-skinny jeans.  I can’t pull off the Jesse Kamms or Everlane wide leg pants (my waist to hip ratio is too close to 1!), but found a great alternative with these straight leg high waisted chinos (pre-owned Madewell).  I can even wear this outfit to work if I add a cardigan and switch out the Birks for day flats.

I love these suede Birks; And I’m so glad I swapped the soft beds for the originals.  These are my first suede pair.  It’s a little annoying to have to wiggle my foot under soft straps to get them on, but I do prefer the suede over the stiff straps much more and don’t think I’ll be going back once these expire.

In upcoming posts, I have a few more additions to share: more stuff from Everlane, a handful of beauty products, and shoes!  Stay tuned!  And lastly, Freddy (who likes to photobomb my outfit pics) says hi!

[outfit: cuyana scoop silk tank (s), madewell cruiser straight chino*, arizona birkenstocks (taupe), cluse watch, vintage coach bag*]

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