Apartment turnover + Clyde everything

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I’m back!  Was off the grid for a while up in the Montana cabin.  

Before that, I barely kept my head above water when one migratory bed bug turned my whole life up side down for two weeks.  We were forced to put all our clothes and things in plastic bags.  It was truly terrible.  Apparently this happens to everyone in NYC if you live here long enough.  It’s shameful and no one talks about it unless of course you admit that it’s happened to you, then the secret society of bed bug victims come out of the shadows to commiserate.  It was a nightmare, but some good things did come from it–  there’s no longer anything stored under our bed (good feng shui! yay), we threw out a lot of junk, and I did some more wardrobe pruning.

Transitioning to more ethical brands has made re-selling my clothes online much easier.  You do pay more up front but can rest assured someone else will want it if it doesn’t work out.

My closet is actually too lean now.  I’m in need of more basics especially with big pockets because I need to carry a ton of stuff with me at work, hate carrying a bag around, and hate wearing the hospital white coat.  Elizabeth Suzann has been going all out with the Clyde pockets in every imaginable type of garment.  I’m so torn on what to buy.  I’m in love with those Clyde shorts but can’t wear it to work.  The Clyde jacket in black looks amaze but I’m worried the cowl neck part will look too matronly/tacky.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.48.59 PM

It’s hard to see the details in the photos on their website (I wished they’d post videos!).  The Clyde dress looks perfect for work too and can be worn with so many different accessories and  over a variety of tops.  But they are expensive ($245) and I worry about the length pass my knees.  I look weird in long dresses.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.38.11 PM

I think in the end, I’ll try the dress first and maybe add on the shorts.  And if one of those don’t work out, I’ll exchange for the jacket.   I have an extra pair of ES linen pants that I received mysteriously in the mail that I can put up for sale… and use that cash to fund my Clyde collection.

In other (shameful) news, I recently discovered I had been wearing the wrong bra size my whole life.  I took the bra fit test on ThirdLove’s website and was told my band size is a 32.  I had been wearing a 34 my whole life! And always struggled with the band riding up my back.  I can’t believe I’m just figuring that out now!  I’m probably late to the game, but the Thirdlove bras are great.  I bought mine a half size too small because I didn’t believe the fit test when it told me I was a half size bigger too.  Now I’m waiting for my exchange to come through, but even with the wrong size on I could tell the bra was special.  There’s no bra lines or gaping at all and the cup shape looks so natural and conform to your unique boob type.  I’ll report back when I get the correct size in the mail for a more accurate review.

And finally, I’ve been thinking about changing the name of this blog.  The name came out of a stupid joke between me and my BF a long time ago.  It was meant to be sarcastic and my neurotic self worries people will actually take it seriously.  I have a lot of contempt for most fashion blogs and the “it girl” personas that come along with them.  But, I’ll keep it as is until I can think of something better.


12 thoughts on “Apartment turnover + Clyde everything

  1. I like your name! I always figured it was ironic, because that’s just what makes the most sense, knowing what I know about you, your style and your voice.

    As for the Clydes, what about the vest? I think it is sooo cute! Also, LOVE my Thirdlove bras. First ones to find (post partum #3) that fit!


    1. They are exactly the same as the ES tilda linen pants in flax. They are an XS/short. I’m wearing them a few blog posts ago, but the ones I’m selling are new w tags.


      1. If you would consider selling at a cost below retail I would be very interested. I would love the chance to try a pair of ES pants but unfortunately my current budget as a med student is pretty meager. I totally get that you could sell these for retail pretty easily, but please let me know at mcai223@gmail.com if you decide otherwise!


      2. we are all in the same boat… those damn student loans will follow you for many many years. I feel your pain. I haven’t decided yet.. I keep going back and forth about having a back up pair of these pants. But if I do, I will sell for around $170. You can find me on PM @ freddybearjr


  2. I forgot to add, my girls got lice a few winters ago, and I felt the same way! It was a terrible pain to rid them, and all their stuff of it. And it felt like one of those ‘dirty little secrets’ no one talks about! Sorry you had to experience something similar!


    1. omg your comment makes me feel so much better about the bed bugs and the blog name! Well, the lice things should be less stigmatized… Lice do prefer people with clean hair. hope no one at school gave them a hard time!


  3. I love the idea of Elizabeth Suzann’s line, but if I order a pair of shorts, I want them to wear RIGHT NOW, not in 8-10 weeks, when it (hopefully) won’t be as hot as it is now. I’m more inclined than ever to start making my own clothes–I can make basic garments, but my follow through on finishing is not so great. 😉 We’ll see, as I’m feeling increasingly frustrated with the clothing options that are available.


    1. the wait is a pain that’s true.. but at the same time it makes it all the more special when it arrives and works out amazingly well… that’s why I only purchase ES things that I’ve stalked online for a while. I wish I could make my own clothes too.. but can’t sew for the life of me. =)


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