outfit: a summer classic + sunscreen

organic john patrick 2017-07-04 at 11.41.44 AM

TGIF of July!  Anyone else desperately needed a day off?

Quick update:  we didn’t end up moving to Brooklyn after all.  Couldn’t quite swallow paying more for half of our current square footage.  Rent is insane.

But, back to getting dressed:

My summer outfits have been a snap to put together this year.  It’s the first time ever.  I think the secret was making that initial investment in linen tops, shorts, and sandals in the spring time–all within a neutral color palette to make them easy to mix and match.  

I tried to venture out into turquoise blue with a linen top by EF, and pink with a silk tank from Grana, but the colors just weren’t right for me (they’re up for sale on PM).  I just might have to spend the rest of my life in neutrals….

After Andrea told me the soft footbed Birks never break in to feel more supportive, I decided to send them back to Nordstrom too.  I wore them outside a few times and they definitely look used.  Does anybody know what Nordstrom does with all those used items?  I’m afraid they might end up in a landfill.  I can’t imagine they’d resell them at Nordstrom Rack with my toe prints all over them.  I was able to find the same taupe Birks with the original (hard) footbed on sale at Overstock for $35 less.

My sunscreen is all used up.  I’m in search for a new one and stumbled across some articles about new sunscreen ingredients found in Europe and Asia that offer better protection.  Has anyone ever tried these?  I want to try them out, but can’t find any sold online that does not contain parabens.  I’m sure they exist somewhere.  btw, I’ve loosened up my restrictions on sunscreens.  I’m open to chemical (non mineral) sunscreens now.  I can’t deal with the white cast and then there’s the issue of nano zinc.   Chemical sunscreens are probably OK.  I’m only avoiding the ones with oxybenzone.

organic john patrick 2017-07-04 at 11.42.01 AM

And onto this outfit here:  I’ve been reaching for this tee and shorts combo at least 3 times a week.  It’s the first outfit I’ll put on after a round of laundry, a true sign of a classic.  Really the only thing keeping me from wearing this outfit everyday is sweat and shame.  Big bold stripes don’t do it for me anymore.  I’m into the mini stripes these days, which has a more neutral appearance, and can therefore be worn more often.  Everlane has a similar style on sale right now.  The little cuff on those sleeves send the cuteness factor over the top.

Freddy seems to think any spot around the house I clear up is an invitation for him to plop down.  He does love a tidy space.

[outfit:  organic by john patrick mini stripe tee*, apc shorts*, vintage coach bag*, everlane crossover sandals]


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