3 links

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Here are three links, as usual:

  1.  A VICE article / rant about how minimalism is “anti-poor bull shit”.  I agree with the underlying message that income inequality is to blame for the terrible state our country and world is in, but the author of this article gets the fundamental principle of minimalism wrong, equates it wrongly with asceticism, dismisses it as a wealthy silicon valley bro lifestyle recipe, and makes a weak argument that preaching its merits somehow blames poor people for climate change.
  2. Miley Cyrus is dressing wholesome again and the performance of adulthood.  It got me thinking about what women think it means to dress like a grown up.
  3. Currently reading How Not To Die by Michael Greger MD and drinking the Kool-Aid about reducing meat consumption.  Learned a lot of things never taught in med school, like the problem with heme-bound iron found in meat, meat induced acid reflux and GI cancers, the benefits of turmeric, and why fish oil and multivitamins won’t save you.  I’m not sold on everything Dr. Greger has to say but the overarching message is convincing and has been a big motivator for me to eat better.

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