outfit: texture + ad fatigue

tilda linen

The thought of wearing white pants scares me.  I’ve never owned a pair.  These linen pants in the color “flax” are the closest thing I have to them.  The slight color variations in the fabric hide stains well.  I don’t live in fear of stains in these and don’t hesitate to sit on subway benches or walk on dirt paths in the park.  An outfit succeeds when it gets out of your way, allows you to move freely and go anywhere.

close up of linen outfit

I’ve been up-ing my warm weather game and succeeding in adding lots more light colors. Natural fibers, especially with light colors, come with such beautiful texture.  As you know I almost never wear clothes with patterns anymore so that all my clothes can work better together.  So in a way, texture has replaced pattern.  Oddly, I think it makes my skin look nicer.  Don’t those arms look smooth against that crinkly background?

On the other end, I’ve made good progress selling things through eBay or Poshmark.  Almost everything I posted has sold over the course of 6 months.  It’s so satisfying to wrap up my clothes in tissue paper and mail them off to their new home.  Knowing that I can re-sell my clothes gives me confidence to venture into unchartered style territories.  It’s much harder to re-sell fast fashion brands which has been even more motivation to maintain my fast fashion boycott.

I’ve been reading No Logo by Naomi Klein.  It’s an oldie, but I highly recommend it.  Thom Yorke of Radiohead was a big fan of the book too.  It got me thinking about the lack of “sacred spaces” in our lives, places that are free from advertising.  I’m more aware of how advertising is working to make me want more and feel dissatisfied with myself.  What was once a sense of not feeling like I am enough or don’t have enough, I am able to recognize now as ad fatigue.  

We have this new form of advertising in our lives today:  people are advertising themselves.  More and more, don’t your internet friends feel like brands and their feeds like ads?   No thanks.  Feeling content with my life requires that I stay off social media.

[outfit:  eileen fisher top*, elizabeth suzann tilda pant flax (xs/short), franco sarto espadrille sling back sandals*, vintage coach*; * pre-owned]


10 thoughts on “outfit: texture + ad fatigue

  1. I see your outfit and it makes me feel lighter.

    ‘Am I an AD ?’ is something I ask myself all the time. I have an agenda: slow fashion. I try to disguise it but it’s in there somewhere all over my blog and social media. Frankly, I haven’t made up my mind about where to draw the line.

    Borrowed the book. Will read it over the weekend. Thank you for the reco.


    1. Thanks Archana — hope you like the book. LMK what you think. No need to disguise your agenda. I think people choose to come to you when they want to learn more about slow fashion and that’s a honest transaction. I guess drawing the line for me is more on the end of how much information through social media feeds do I want to let in… I personally have a low tolerance.


    1. Hi Alix — my PM closet is nothing too special… all my “good” stuff I keep but if you’re still interested send me a msg thru my about page and I’ll send my u/n directly to you. Thx!


  2. Hi Michelle! New follower here. Also new-inspired minimalist dresser/lifestyle! I stumbled upon your page and have been reading your entries – it is so inspiring! I have been visiting your website, wordpress and on bloglovin. Haha! If you don’t mind, which one is your main one and which should I be reading for updates if I had to choose 1 platform? Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Herns — thank you; so glad you found me! I write through wordpress, but all posts can found through bloglovin too. Whatever is more convenient. I am biased towards WP reader because I think bloglovin is pushing too much corporate consumerist crap onto its readers and disguising them as blog posts. Happy reading =)


  3. Yes to the linen! After a trip to Southeast Asia, I can’t get enough of it – it proved incredibly versatile and so comfortable for everyday use.
    I am still a little bit afraid of the white color in pants. The only one light-colored bottom piece I own are safari-style shorts that are 10 years old (but still beautiful, like brand new) in cream color. I wear them a lot but have to be quite careful when sitting outside.


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