wardrobe update: another purge, a few summer additions, and what I found while overhauling the BF’s closet

everlane day flat

We run a tight ship over here and over this 3 day weekend, our wardrobes saw another purge.  

I got rid of 2 old fast fashion tops that were too small, 3 stained sweaters, a pair of sunglasses, and 2 old work dresses that I hadn’t worn in months.  A total of 9 out.

Historically, my wardrobe has been deficient in summer clothes.  I always underestimate how much I’ll need because I forget to factor in the need to change clothes twice a day when it gets really hot and the inability to wear the same thing a couple times before washing.  This year, I’m making a concerted effort.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with linen. And even spent a shameful amount of time watching youtube videos on how linen is made from flax (example here).

To prep for hot weather, I added 2 more EF linen tank tops, a pair of Le Spec sunnies, and a silk tank from Grana.  This is my first time venturing into silk, btw.  I’ve always been a bigger fan of that dry hand feel, but everyone says silk is great for the summer, so thought I’d give it a try.

In total, 9 OUT, and 4 IN.  Actually 6 IN counting the 2 everlane shoes I bought recently.  Net – 3.

In this outfit photo, I’m wearing an EF linen tank with all of its crinkly glory and Everlane’s day flats.  I’ll post a review soon.  I need to give these shoes time to break in before I form an opinion.  As for these Levi’s, I thought a single big roll of the hem worked better for this outfit.  It looks neater than rolling the hem up twice.  It’s neatness nicely balances out the crinkly chaos up top.

day flat

You know how They say you’re not supposed to force other people in your house to get rid of their junk? And to never ever throw away their things without their permission.  Well, I don’t subscribe to that.  I think there are exceptions to the rule.  Sometimes you have to act with force because hoarding is a disorder and if you give certain people a choice, they will never let go of things.  The BF is pretty good natured at baseline so I knew I could get away with it.  The key is to be conservative, only throw out things they won’t notice.  I told him I threw out two 13 gallon trash bags filled with his junk while he was at work and he still has no clue what I threw away!

Then in his presence, I highly encouraged/forced him to get rid of half his wardrobe.  His closet is tiny btw, half the size of mine, only about 4 ft x 4 ft x 2.5 ft.  It was always jam packed and burst out whenever the doors opened.  He got rid of 10 dress shirts, 6 t-shirts, 4 jackets, a pair of shorts, and a very hideous white blazer.  When all was said and done, there was actually space between his hangers, which he really liked!

But guess what I found hiding in the back of his closet?!  He’d been hoarding a broken 19 inch LCD computer monitor and boxes of broken old hard drives!  I always wondered why his closet looked so cramped when he didn’t seem to have that much clothes, lol.   We got a big laugh out of that.

[outfit:  eileen fisher linen top, levi’s 501 ct, everlane day flats]


2 thoughts on “wardrobe update: another purge, a few summer additions, and what I found while overhauling the BF’s closet

  1. I had high hopes for the Everlane flats, but they just didn’t feel right. I’d love to try the heels but they are on backorder again–I recently had to retire a pair of pumps that just were not comfortable. My day-to-day work wardrobe is casual, but I occasionally need to get more dressed up.


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