outfit: 32, form sandals, and a tiny bag

what's the time vintage coach

I turned 32 this past weekend.  Aging sucks for many reasons, but one thing I do like about getting older, besides more wisdom and all that deep meaningful stuff that comes along with it, is actually how my wardrobe (and those of you I follow) has grown up too, in a way that’s more aware than any other generation before ours.  I used to think it was cool to dress in a way that was edgy and different.  Now, I really don’t care about that as a virtue.  And I’m much more focused on what makes me feel good even if that means I’m wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing.  

In the end, I’m still struck by how every woman remains quietly unique within the community.  If you let your eyes glaze over, all the minimalist-conscious-outfit-micro-bloggers and a whole lot of women who don’t blog about it, look kind of the same–donning neutral tones, natural fibers, everlane and birks.  When things get into focus though, there are still so many subtle, but significant stylistic differences.  I’m surprised by how not bored I am with my wardrobe now that it is so simple.

crossover sandals

I changed into this outfit when I got home from work.  It got up to 72 degrees so of course I had to wear shorts and sandals.  Like Gretchen said, the Everlane crossover sandals start off tight but do stretch out.  I went on a light hike this weekend in these up at the Mohonk Mountain House (because I forgot to bring my Chaco outdoor sandals with me!).  They took a beating for sure and I was probably too devastated when the edge got scratched up (very easy to do by the way, so be careful!).  They’re going to the cobbler to get vibram soles and to repair the scratches (according to youtube videos, all that’s needed is special glue and paint, but the end result is not like new again; it’s just less noticeable).

A few posts back, I mentioned those affordable classic vintage Coach bags on sale all over the internet.  I’ve been wearing this tiny one almost everyday since it arrived.  That outer pocket comes in handy for holding my iPhone when my hands are full.  I wear it around all day at work too and no longer have to worry about all my stuff falling out of my pockets whenever I sit down.  My APC half moon bag is taking a hiatus.  Lately, I’ve become dissatisfied with it.  The leather has softened a lot over the years, it’s not as structured anymore, collapsing in the middle when I wear it as a crossbody.  Is there a solution for this?  Can you treat leather to make it stiff again?

[outfit:  apiece apart boatneck top, objects w/o meaning sweater, everlane shorts, everlane form crossovers, cluse watch, vintage coach bag]

Bonus:  Here are a few pictures I took up at the Mohonk Mountain House.  I highly recommend spending at least a day here if you’re ever in upstate NY.  The Swedish massage was the best and the buffet lunch in the main dining hall was amaze!  Well worth the price tag.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.07.59 PMA private lake behind the house.Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.08.08 PMA sideview of the house.Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.08.38 PMThe guest room balconies.Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.10.51 PMThe BF and dog hiking.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.10.23 PMA scenic view of treetops for miles and miles.


2 thoughts on “outfit: 32, form sandals, and a tiny bag

  1. I can’t wait when I develop enough style sense to dress like an adult lol. My wardrobe from college continues to follow me even into work some days.

    Amazing pics!


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