review:  everlane form crossovers

I like these sandals.

Today, I visited the Everlane showroom in NYC for the first time, specifically to try on the new birk-like form sandals and the day flats that I’d been stalking for a while (I ended up buying both!).  The store itself is beautiful, spacious, quiet, and minimal, nestled up on the 5th floor of a building tucked behind the hustling streets of SoHo.  The staff were all adorable and friendly and very responsive without being intrusive.

My Birks died a couple months ago and I tried to replace them recently with arizona-like Betulas secondhand, but was sent the wrong pair and had to deal with a transactional nightmare with Poshmark.  Then came the announcement of Everlane’s new form sandals.  I wanted to hate these sandals.  I really did. The way it was marketed was annoying– “comfort without the granola”.  Clearly they are marketing to people who already wear Birks, so it didn’t make any sense to trash talk.  To me, these shoes serve a similar but different purpose.  I wouldn’t trudge around in dirt paths at the park with these for example.

Although the word “form” is in the title, it doesn’t form to your foot like memory foam would.  The foot bed is actually hard, just as hard as the cork footbeds on birks but there’s a layer of soft leather that coats it.  There’s a bit of arch support, but nothing like the standing on a baseball feeling you get with brand new Birks.  I have narrow long feet and felt that these shoes held my foot in place well and were wide enough to promote natural toe splay.  If your feet are even a little wide, these shoes will feel too tight.  The soles are rubber and smooth and only about 2mm thick.  I plan on protecting them with a layer of grippy vibram to make them last longer.  My favorite color was actually the deep wine but those were sold out.  Sad.

Best part, they are flattering size-wise.  They shorten the length of your foot and slim down the sides too.  The slides versions kind of bulged out and made the foot appear bigger.  In short, I’d recommend these but not if you are expecting them to completely replace your birks.  These might be a good choice if your Birks look beat up and you need an auxiliary sandal for slightly more formal occasions.

7 thoughts on “review:  everlane form crossovers

  1. Thanks for the crossovers update! Your review is the second I have read that suggest these not being the best for wide feet — thanks.

    I wanted to comment on poshmark: I’m sorry you had a frustrating experience — I have used their site for the last 3 months or so and I have had a number of them. I am starting to reconsider my use of the site. I wonder what your overall experience of the site has been? There are benefits: if you know your size and you find (more or less) the specific item you’re looking for things can go well — IF the seller cooperates and the item actually arrives as listed. I have bought 12 items from PM and had to return 4 for mislabeling/misleading descriptions — this feels like a bizarre waste of time in my busy life.

    PM also feels exactly like going to a thrift store and digging, except instead I am staring at a screen and lacking the full sensory experience of a thrift store. I love thrifting, I’m not sure I love staring at a screen.

    Im getting to this point where I’d almost rather buy new really, really conservatively just so I can have the experience of returning an item if I don’t like it. It’s hard buying used goods from a picture and a description. I miss actual thrifting, that being said 80% of what I have bought from PM are things I probably wouldn’t have found at a thrift store in this part of WA state.

    Mainly, I feel like I want to use the site because I believe clothing should be re-used but I am finding that I end up accumulating more stuff and wasting more time searching (and returning items that are misleading) than building the wardrobe that I desire: a clean, simple, versatile and well-made collection of clothing.

    How do you use poshmark? Are you happy with how your using it? Any tips for people like me (I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants a nice, minimal closet full of new and re-used items)?

    Thanks for taking the time with this long comment — but you’re one of the first bloggers I’ve come across who has discussed using PM.


    1. Weird, I sell and buy a lot on Poshmark and haven’t had a problem- never returned anything or had anyone try to return anything I sold. I wonder if certain brands have more issues with mislabeling? I guess some tips would be to ask for clear measurements and more pics if you’re unsure, some people have asked me for that on my listings. Also look at a seller’s feedback (wish they’d make that easier)


    2. Hi E– for the most part PM has been good. I tend to go there for classics made from brands I’m already familiar with… that way it is less of a gamble. And I always ask questions. If the seller isn’t answering questions, thats probably a bad sign. I definitely like the idea of buying secondhand but don’t like going through thrift stores. Im too picky for it to be high yield and I don’t like that thrift store smell.. 🌻


  2. Thanks for the review. These do look really flattering on you. I wish they had a bronze or medium brown color. I’m going to keep thinking about it, but I think they’ll sell out if I think for too long!


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