outfit: by default


This outfit is either very child-like or old lady like; I can’t tell.  The much anticipated  Tilda pants by Elizabeth Suzann finally arrived and they are to die for.  This combo has become my default outfit– an outfit that begs to be worn day after day after day; the outfit I reach for first after a cycle of laundry is done.

Initially I had my heart set on the cotton canvas version but they looked like huge clown pants on me.  Sort of reminiscent of MC Hammer.  Nothing like what was intended and modeled on the website.  When I sent pictures to Liz and her staff, they validated my concerns and told me about their plans to re-work the design.

I swapped them for the midweight linen version, which promised to have a softer more drape-y shape.  The small/regular were much too big so I sized down to an extra small/short.  The elastic waistband is very generous, stretching out to a width of about 15.5 inches without too much constriction.  At first they felt a bit snug around the calves but the linen stretched out over time.  Already the thighs and knees have loosened up by an inch or two.


This linen feels durable, has just the right amount of heft, breathability, and a nice textured dry hand feel.  If you are considering a pair for yourself, go for a light colored one to show off its texture and drape, which is what makes these pants special.  If you want to go dark, ya might as well go for ES pants that have pockets, like the Clydes.  I’d also recommend going for the short length unless you are over 5′ 7″ because the regular is pretty long.  The hem looks much better folded just once for a crisp effortless edge.  More than one fold and it’ll look sloppy and like it’s gonna come undone.

Oatmeal on oatmeal has become my favorite color combo.  Add fine linen to it; what could be better than that?  It’s so calming in its simplicity.  If I could wear it every day I would.  In fact I’m looking into getting more linen shell tops like this one so I can do just that, with some slight color variations.

Earlier this year I had a rare bout of closet contentment, but lately, my neurosis is acting up.  All that remains in my closet feels so uninspiring.  There are a few superstars but the rest is so blah.  All the variations–tunics, tees, button ups, sweater dresses, tights, trousers, culottes, skinnies–make getting dressed in the morning feel chaotic.  I kinda just wish I had this outfit in every neutral color and call it a day.  I’m going to sit with that idea for a while… and report back when I feel more settled.

What about you?  What’s your default outfit?  And would you ever consider simplifying your wardrobe down to a few basic types of clothes?

[outfit:  eileen fisher linen top, elizabeth suzann tilda pants midweight linen (flax, XS, short), kork ease greer wedge, just female pullover, cluse watch, muji tote bag, gifted faux gold chain]

4 thoughts on “outfit: by default

    1. almost always wear jeans and a tshirt, but i work from home so i can get away w that.. i have several really nice white tshirts that i wear over n over.


  1. Are your Clydes cotton canvas as well? I’m trying to decide between the midweight linen or cotton canvas, but am a little worried about the clown pants potential!


    1. Hi Ling — yes they are cotton canvas. I think they’d both be good. There is going to be some clown pants factor in the shape but it might be just right. I’d go with the cotton canvas and if it doesnt work you can exchange for the linen.


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