outfit: shades of black

outfit everlane_4547

Many mornings I get dressed in a mad hurry and realize all of a sudden I’m wearing all black.  I second guess myself always, (“hmm, I look like I’m going to a funeral…  maybe I should put on something else?”).  But then I remember this is New York and it’s normal to wear all black almost all of the time.  NY Mag even wrote a little piece on the history of wearing all black in NYC.

I’m trying hard to wear lighter colors and experimented with light tan chinos recently.  I love the look of top-to-bottom creams and light tans, but sadly I spilled coffee all over my pants the other day and it couldn’t be salvaged.  I snagged these J. Crew cafe capri pants secondhand online for $10 (retail $98).  I’m wearing a size 2 for reference (I usually wear a size 27-28 so J. Crew definitely rounds down on sizing).  In general, I don’t shop at J. Crew anymore, but I already own a pair of royal blue cafe capris and they’ve lasted over 5 years and I love the way they fit and feel.  I didn’t want to take a risk on ordering pants from another brand.  For me, pants are the hardest to get the fit right.  My waist to hip ratio is oddly close to 1.

It was easy to find these pants online because everyone shops at J. Crew and this cut was brought back season to season.  My light tan chinos were replaced with this black one.  Why black?  NYC is a dirty place and I need to be able to hide stains so I can wear the same thing over and over again each week.  I’m still trying to wear lighter colors on the lower half of my body though (I’m still awaiting my ES Tilda pants in a light tan color; let’s hope I don’t spill coffee all over those!).

outfit everlane_4548

What about you?  What are your thoughts on the all black look?

[outfit:  everlane texture tank (xs), j. crew cafe capri, stuart weitzman flats, cluse watch]

4 thoughts on “outfit: shades of black

  1. It is super funny that you posted this today, of all days, because I am wearing all black (and I am a HS teacher in a rural setting, so I’m sure I stick out). I actually like wearing all black a few times a month. I joke with my husband that it’s “funera chic.” Truthfully, it’s nice to disengage with the drama of getting dressed and just know I look and feel cool and confident. I have had other teachers remark that they forget how cool a monochromatic look is (they forgot “effortless!”). I feel super comfortable today and also professional. I am polished but not “trying” too hard. Nice job on the second hand capris! I am constantly chasing down favorite old styles of pants on PM and ebay.
    Your look gets my vote! I am biased of course!


    1. You’re right black is cool. Like that Japanese designer said in the article: “black is both modest and arrogant at the same time”… Thanks for your vote!


  2. I wear a lot of all black and I feel similarly conflicted a lot of times, mostly because of the comments I get from other people, including my own family, but also my own culturally ingrained ideas about widows and funerals, and angels of death 🙄. All these messages are not easy to ignore, but I do my best.
    This outfit is super cute and the pants look so good on you!


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