outfit: oatmeal & olive

broken record everlane apc

Snooze alert.  Here I am again in oatmeal and olive – for my girls looking for some color inspiration.

[outfit:  everlane wool-cashmere turtleneck (neck tucked in), kowtow flower shirt, apc olive shorts, cluse watch, gifted necklace]

2 thoughts on “outfit: oatmeal & olive

  1. I love the colors here and I love the repetition of said colors and pieces. It’s simultaneously soothing, thought-inducing (love your mini-think pieces) and inspirational to visit your blog.

    I have a philosophy about putting people at ease in the world when I get dressed: neutral tones and not too tight/not too baggy (form fitting) clothing. Slowly climbing out of my youth (at 27) and I refuse to wear the tight and tiny skirts and clingy tops of my early 20’s. Plus, I am a college student now and want the students and professors alike to see my ideas and character before they see my clothes, so to speak. Anywho — I admire the simplicity and care put into your outfits, it is something I also strive for.



  2. Thank E. Your comment means a lot to me. I never thought about putting other people at ease with what we wear, but that’s a compelling idea! This might inspire just another wardrobe think piece… =)


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