all shoes go to heaven


I’m transitioning to spring weather shoes this week.  A start of a new season is a great time to assess the condition of your clothes & shoes and throw away / recycle things that are no longer wearable.  If you’ve been a long-time reader here, you will recall that I wore these shoes almost every day in the spring and summer months.  The rubber soles have worn down and the cork lining has crumbled off with water damage, and dare I say it, there’s mold!?  (Maybe it’s just dirt?)  The leather uppers have stretched so much that my feet slip and slide.  And the straps have split ends. It’s shameful how long I continued to wear these. 😂


I’ve owned these shoes for three years.  The time I got stuck in a tropical storm and stomped around in 8 inches of standing water at an outdoor event hastened its decline for sure.  I’m not replacing these because I already own two other wedges by the same brand.  This shoe is not going into retirement; it’s already dead, and finally getting buried.  Into the trash, they go! RIP my dear wedges, bye-bye.

I’m a little disappointed because I was looking forward to wearing these shoes with the ES Tilda pants in cotton canvas khaki for a head-to-toe earth-toned outfit.  My Tilda pants arrived early, but unfortunately, there’s a major issue with the fit.  I ordered a size small, but the pants that arrived are enormous!  The fabric is thick and stiff (a good thing), but it causes the thighs and hips to billow out in an unflattering way.  I’m exchanging them for the linen version.. and will report back on those.  Stay tuned!

[image:  kork ease myrna v 1.0 (classic wedge sandals), similar, similar]


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