outfit: matchy matchy


Today I’m wearing a replacement for my old Zara utility shorts that went into retirement after it burst open at the butt.  This is a very similar pair of shorts with a few upgrades:  back pockets and front pockets that look like back pockets, a beautiful metallic button, a modest length, and structured denim that keeps its shape.  I loved my old shorts but one downside was how it got baggy and lost its shape by the end of the day.  Faded olive greens fit right in with my wardrobe; they pair well with oatmeal and other neutrals.  

As you might notice, I’m standing outside my closet room today.  My boyfriend re-arranged the furniture in our living room (again!) and opened up this nice space by the window.  It’s nice and sunny today.  Is everyone else as excited for spring weather as I am?  It will finally reach 70 degrees here in New York!

This EF top will be perfect for hot days.  What do the impressive wrinkles in this shirt say about my day today?  Not much actually.  I couldn’t find this shirt and panicked that I left it at the hotel I stayed at last week, then found it buried under my BF’s clean laundry.  A lot of people wouldn’t be caught dead walking around with such a wrinkled shirt, but I actually like the way wrinkles look with linen.  I’m wearing my pansy bralette in olive green underneath to be matchy matchy.  

[outfit:  eileen fisher linen top, pansy bralette, cluse watch, apc denim shorts]


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