all my beauty and self care products in one drawer

minimalism beauty products

When it comes to beauty and self care regimens, minimalism doesn’t come natural to most women.  We are bombarded with endless marketing that tells us we need a gazillion things to keep ourselves looking good.   It’s maddening.  Guys don’t even have to try.  

I look to my BF for inspiration.  He only uses a few things:  shampoo, razor, deodorant, bar soap.  I’ve lived with him for 5 years and noticed that he’s never changed it up or willingly used any other product.  The man doesn’t even need chapstick.  I’ve never even seen him put on lotion.  It’s an impressive feat, I must say.  I’m different, obviously.  For one thing, my low testosterone levels means I’m less greasy and need more protection from drying out.

Although my routine has become more minimalist, I definitely don’t feel deprived of anything.  I have good stuff.  All my bases covered.   Anything not consider “holy grail” was cut out from my make up kit. I stopped buying nail color.  Nails been going bare all winter.  It’s a nice refresher.  But I still love color and might do a couple gel manicures for spring and summer.  And now my skincare routine  consists only of body and face moisturizer.   These are just a few ways I’ve reduced in this department.

I thought I’d share my “everything” drawer; the one drawer in my closet room that hold all of my beauty and self care products.

I keep my tweezers, nail clippers, beauty scissors, etc in a vinyl bag to the left.  My jewelry (two necklaces, and a few ear rings) are kept in a tan pouch on the left as well.  Up top is where my small arsenal of OTC meds are located.  As I mentioned earlier, I think everyone should have ibuprofen, tylenol, and cetirazine on hand.  And get rid of any mixed medications (like theraflu, or tylenol PM).  If you have trouble sleeping, I’d recommend melatonin for occasional use.  And for most women, you’re going to want to supplement yourself with calcium and vitamin D.  I like using New Chapter’s brand (it actually tastes good and comes in an easily absorbable form).  Even with a well rounded diet, most people aren’t getting enough calcium and vitamin D (and what most people don’t realize is that bone fractures are a leading cause of death in women!).  That being said, I’m not a big proponent of supplements in general.  I think multivitamins and other supplements are usually unnecessary and probably harmful.

To the right, I use small bowls from my kitchen to sort out other random things, like hair bands, bobby pins, Q tips (black ones), and my first aid supplies.  In my first aid bowl, I  keep on hand Achy Breaky Balm and Chinese White Flower oil which are a strong mix of essential oils for aches/sore muscles/hangovers/headaches.  They do a good job distracting your attention away from pain, which in turn relieves it.    I like to combine the two for a stronger effect.  But be warned, they are very fragrant and you probably don’t want to use it if you’re going to be around other people.  I also keep benzocaine (orajel) on hand for mosquito / bug bites.  I’m extremely allergic to bites and nothing else works better at completely numbing the itch than straight up anesthetic.  I know that’s not what it is meant for, but it works way better than anything else I tried (if you’re going to try this, just don’t put it on large areas of your body to be on the safe side).

And lastly, the only two things I use on my hair are Living Proof’s no frizz styling cream and a tad of their styling oil.  My hair is naturally very textured and coarse and these have been the only products that work at taming my hair without heat.  For such an effective product it’s surprising how they completely disappear once your hair dries.  No residue, smell, or stickiness.

And that’s it.  I’ve experimented with a lot of products and read loads of reviews in my lifetime and this is what’s leftover.  I think I’ve pretty much shared all of my beauty secrets with you guys, my dear small group of readers.  Have you found ways to simplify your routine?  Would love to hear about it.

7 thoughts on “all my beauty and self care products in one drawer

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  2. I truly have to thank you for all of your health and beauty posts. You introduced me to Vanicream, which has completely replaced my high-end moisturizer. It is something that I always saw went grocery shopping but never realized I could use on my face.
    It has been a lifesaver over my favorite retinol product (Paula’s Choice 1% Clinical Treatment–which is better than my old Retin-A prescription and it contains vitamin C!). Since I have turned 30, I realize that my product hound days were such a waste of time. I’m thankful that I’m learning what really works for me and cutting out the rest of the marketing nonsense.
    As for hair, I wholly recommend Pureology (the Hydrate line!). It is expensive but has been the one line that cuts the nonsense and actually gives my hair results even if I just let it air dry. I do you color my hair, but even if I didn’t I would still use this line. It is costly but I know that Ulta sells travel sizes so you can try it before you make an investment. The other good thing is that it is very natural and super concentrated so the regular size bottles last so long! Like, when they say to use a tiny amount, they mean it and it works great!
    I also love the smell! It is rosemary, peppermint, and sage, and is so relaxing!


      1. oo, i’ll have to check it out next time i see it in the store. i’m always in the looks out for a good basic shampoo/conditioner… thats kind of the only products that i switch brands a lot because i don’t think it matters as much as things like styling creams or make up products, since shampoo/conditioner gets washed out of your hair anyway.


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