outfit: crisp heavy weight cotton

apeice apart cotton boat top

There’s no fabric I grab more than crisp heavy weight cottons.  I like its nice dry hand feel.  And the way the heavy weight creates an off the body structured silhouette, while still being thin enough to tuck in.  I’m a big fan of letting the buttons and pockets of jeans show, and learned that to do that, it’s better to buy jeans that are forgiving around the waist for a good, 360 degrees, all-around tuck in.  

The half tuck-ins aren’t my thing anymore.  Although they look good especially with loose fitted flannels and such, it can feel fussy to try to get it just right with other shirts.  And I notice that I end up monitoring myself throughout the day to make sure the half tuck hasn’t come undone. By contrast, a good full tuck stays put, and sets you up for a day of energy and movement with no afterthought.

[outfit:  apeice apart cotton top, gifted gold chain, apc japanese denim, kork ease greer wedges, cluse watch]

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