dead malls + environmental hopelessness

Seph Lawless

Malls are dead.

All across America, malls are dying. And there are people out there finding inspiration in the decay. Just check out Dan Bell’s low budget films and Vaporwave, an internet art movement. They’re using dead mall imagery to express a sense of hopelessness about the things we can’t control, like being poor, having no jobs, the false promises of capitalism, and so on.

There are times when I feel overcome by nihilistic angst about these issues too, and feel hopeless about the environment to top it off. There are times when it feels pointless to try, if critics say my actions are even smaller than a drop in the bucket. When people like Alden Wicker says that conscious consumerism is a lie and the only way towards change is through political action or giving to causes, I feel demoralized. Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck and barely keeping our heads above water.  So this call to arms feels like it’s too much to ask.

So why pay more for ethical clothes, why recycle, why all the failed attempts to eat less meat.  There’s no good answer. I’m operating on some sort of modern morality; thou shall not buy/litter/waste… If real change is unlikely, am I doing this because, if there’s a heaven, maybe I’ll get in?  For now, that’s gonna have to be a good enough reason.

Let’s hope  the  5 hour energy guy can save us all.

[image: seph lawless]

3 thoughts on “dead malls + environmental hopelessness

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard about the 5 hour energy model and it poses an interesting alternative to all the pollution.

    For myself, I follow through with all those because I simply have hope and faith in humanity. I know there have been real shitty situations but then there are also great moments as well. Also, having read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell slightly pushes me to believe that there can be enough people that will come together to make enough of a change in the world. For example, even ‘small’ efforts like this: shows how it is possible.


    1. I might add that book to my reading list… and i was referring to the 5 hour energy drink.. the founder decided to invest all the profits into research & innovation on things that can benefit the planet.


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