outfit: loose-fit at work

WON HUNDREDHere’s another quick outfit post.  You can’t go wrong with black and navy; they’re perfect colors to put on repeat, and nobody will ever notice.  I’m keeping it simple here with a slouchy button up and cropped trousers.  I’ll only wear loose fitted button ups.  Never again will I wear a fitted one.

It took me a long time to realize I hated wearing them;  I guess I bought many in the past because I felt I should be wearing those shirts as “a professional” and a “real grown up”.  Then I realized that the “real grown up” image I had in my mind was from another time period and I would never become that version of one.  And something about those fitted shirts didn’t feel right.  Maybe it’s the fact that they appear to be the female counter part of a crisp collared men’s shirt except tucked in tight around the waist to show boobage, which to me feels awkward, especially because those damn shirts always seemed to gape open in all the wrong places.  That’s far too fussy for my taste.  They kind of represent to me a time when women were entering the work force and taking on roles that were traditionally male.  That no longer feels like the time I’m in now, and I would just like to define my professional wardrobe on my terms.  That’s the trend nowadays anyway.  You won’t find a single fitted shirt at Everlane and the only women in the office still wearing them look outdated or unsure of themselves (I’m generalizing here).

Here’s that clear vinyl money bag again.  This time holding my “school supplies”, ready to throw in my backpack on days I need to carry work around. I can’t recommend these vinyl bags enough; they’re so sturdy and simple.

With the time change, it was particularly dim in my apartment when I got home, so this picture is a bit gloomy, but I like the mood of it.

[outfit:  won hundred cotton top, j. crew cafe capri, kork ease greer wedges, cluse watch, and a clear vinyl money bag via amazon]

One thought on “outfit: loose-fit at work

  1. Great outfit, I love navy and black as well. Interesting point about classic women’s work shirts, I hadn’t really figured out why I dislike them but this is the answer!


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