today’s outfit +my living room

living rm

Hey guys, here’s another outfit post of what I’m wearing today + my living room.


outfitI’m wearing my New Balances today with ES clyde work pants with wool socks to keep the ankles¬†toasty. ¬†Not exactly pretty, but it all doesn’t look so bad I think. ¬† I have to carry lots of things when walking the dog so the big pockets on the clydes come in handy. ¬†I lost my Everlane beanie, (sad), so decided to make due and wear my sleep headphones as ear warmers while listening to work related podcasts this morning. ¬†This picture was taken right before I threw on my long puffer and headed out the door.

When me and Freddy got back from the park I took these pics of our entryway and living room. ¬†My BF re-arranged the furniture yesterday. ¬†It’s one of his favorite things to do too. ¬†I think this set up feels just right.


We keep the entryway pretty basic. ¬†There’s a mirror to do a quick check of the face before heading out the door. ¬†Brass nails directly into the wall holds our keys. ¬†And Freddy’s got his own little coat rack where he keeps his leash and collar. ¬†When he wants to go outside, he’ll jump up and grab his collar and wave it around until we give in. ¬†If you look closely, you’ll notice his paw prints on the wall. ¬†We’ve got a nice coat rack here, a Herman Miller style rack that I found online a while back. ¬†It’s one of my favorite things at home. ¬†It’s so simple and functional. ¬†And lastly a coffee table made out of an old ConEdison crate that we repurposed to hold our shoes and outdoor accessories.

living rm

Here’s the living room with Freddy chilling out on the floor. ¬†Sorry about the bad photo quality. ¬†Pano mode on the iPhone is really grainy. ¬†We kept the wall on the left completely bare except for a DIY copper pipe lamp that I made a while back. ¬†Much of our furniture was bought secondhand, often times off of Craigslist. ¬†The wall hanging is a repurposed rug that we almost threw out because it was an eyesore on the floor. ¬†The brick wall was challenging for so many reasons. ¬†The color and chaos in it felt oppressive, so we decided to go against Feng Shui and place the sofa facing away from the entryway just so we wouldn’t have to stare at that noisy brick wall so much. ¬†Our rug is from Nate Berkus’s collection at Target. ¬†I wanted a massive rug to tie everything together¬†and¬†chose this pattern because it hides stains well; at the time Freddy was a puppy and ruining a lot of our textiles at home. ¬†We have only one plant in this room that we inherited from a friend. ¬†It adds a pop of nature that softens up the space nicely. ¬†There’s also a lot of random junk on the left: Freddy’s toy bin, BF’s bike helmut and my yoga props. ¬† Much more can be said. ¬†Maybe next time I’ll attempt to explain our electronics set up which I think my BF handled nicely.

This was a nice break from my work lock down. ¬†The weekends are never long enough. ¬†If you blog, I’d love to see the inside of your home, so please share!

[outfit:  Sheepphones, Patagonia mock neck, Elizabeth Suzann clyde pants, Patagonia wool socks, New Balance 999]

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