outfit: hardworking basics

just female gray sweater apc half moon bag.png

Here’s another outfit with my hardworking staples.  Getting dressed feels so much easier these days.  I wore this casual outfit to work, except for the sandals.  I’m liking sweaters with extra long arms that can be folded or used to keep the hands warm.  These trousers from j. crew have been going strong for 5 years now.  They are a size 2!  I think I’m actually a size 6, for reference.  If I ever need to replace them I’m going to search for it secondhand.  Quality mainstream clothes make good secondhand purchases because they are easy to find and you know what to expect.  


In other news, I almost sold all my clothes in the shop.  I went into it expecting nothing; can’t believes its almost all gone!  The proceeds will go to Safe Horizons.  A tiny bit of the proceeds went towards removing all ads on this blog, which I thought my readers would like.  I have no interest in monetizing this place.  I simply want to show people how I get dressed without pressuring anyone to go out and buy more stuff.

[outfit:  won hundred collar shirt, just female slouchy sweater, j crew cafe capri (size 2), cluse watch, apc half moon bag, kork ease greer wedges]

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