3 links + what’s in my (toiletries) bag

I enjoy a good what’s in my bag post every once in a while, so thought I’d share my own.  I always strive to travel light and try to keep my travel toiletries to the bare bones essentials.


Usually hotels (and air BnBs) provide soap and shampoo, so I don’t pack them.  It’s not important to use good shampoo anyway, but it is important to use good conditioner so I always bring my own.  Right now I’m using Living Proof’s no frizz conditioner.  I’ve been using this for two years; I like it but wonder if it’s really worth the extra cost given I always follow up with their no frizz styling cream anyway (this product has changed my life in a major way but this probably deserves its own post).  Maybe I just need the styling cream and can use a less expensive conditioner.  I’m almost out, so I ordered John Master’s Organics Bare conditioner, which is 10 dollars cheaper, to try out. The pouch on the right carries 3 medications that I always travel with:  ibuprofen, cetirizine, and melatonin for pain, allergies, and insomnia respectively.  I think these OTC meds are the most effective for most problems with the best side effect profiles.  The army green strap is my pansy bralette that I mentioned before.  I like the ease of taking it on & off but I feel the elastic straps are a bit too long.  I still need to get it tailored and have been waiting for Pansy’s website to finally post instructions on how to tailor it best.  The rest of my toiletries are kept in these clear vinyl money bags, which I love and use all the time.  They are cheap, sturdy, and make it easy to find what you’re looking for in your suitcase.

And finally, here are 3 links of things I read this week worth sharing:

  1. Jenny Mustard wrote a nice post on how she came to terms with being judged as superficial and shallow for her obsession with style and nice things.
  2. In this old post, EcoCult wrote this eye opening piece about rstyleme, (affiliate links) used by bloggers that promote mostly mainstream mega companies and gives the blogger a cut of the sales made using the link.  She asks some compelling questions:  “Next time your favorite fashion blogger says she, “love love LOVES” a $3,000 Celine purse, ask yourself … does she really love it? Or does she love the $300 she’ll earn when you buy it?”.  I think there’s a spectrum of how much bloggers (ab)use this practice.  I especially don’t appreciate posts that are nothing but a bunch of link baits.
  3. I discovered Pixelmator and have been watching lots of fun tutorials to learn about what it can do.  There are a lot of cool features worth checking out. It’s almost as powerful as adobe photoshop, but more user friendly and suited for most people’s needs unless you are a graphic designer.  And what’s best, it’s only 30 dollars!  Photoshop, on the other hand, is hundreds of dollars and requires lots of instruction and practice.



Update:  I downloaded Pixelmator.  It’s been a lot of fun.  Just getting the hang of it.  Here’s my first creation just for fun-zies.


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