outfit: structured & striped


breton.pngI feel so comfortable in this outfit.  Today, I’m wearing a structured cotton dress with breton stripes from Muji (bought secondhand).  The heavy weight of the fabric gives it a good flow and drape.  I’m not conscious of my body with this on.  I like the way it pairs with my chinos.  My style is growing up a bit.  In the past, I would only wear chinos to work, but lately, I’ve been finding more ways to wear them.  I’m growing tired of leggings and skinny jeans all the time.

I’ve been busy reading and working on a couple presentations today.  Last weekend, I got started on my new oil painting project and so far I’ve been successful at creating a completely non toxic work environment.  Things are going good.  I’m planning on taking some pictures of various places in my apartment soon to show you guys.  So stay tuned!

Unrelated, but I’m starting to hear people talk about minimalism in real life now and all because of the documentary on Netflix.  I’m excited that people are drinking the Kool Aid!  I watched it back when it cost $20 on vimeo.  It’s pretty good.  I also read their book Everything That Remains, which is their best book in my opinion.  I like their secular focus and down to earthness.

[outfit:  Muji breton dress, Cluse watch, Cos cotton chinos, Kork Ease greer wedges]


2 thoughts on “outfit: structured & striped

  1. This looks amazing on you. I love the proportions of the dress over the slim, but not skinny chinos. It’s an unexpected shape and proportion that I wouldn’t normally gravitate to. Thanks for getting me thinking about dresses over pants!

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