apt tour: the bedroom sofa is where I do my work


According to my reader’s poll, a lot of you guys wanted to see my apartment, so here goes.  It’s daunting to photograph my whole apartment in one day, so I’m going to break it down and start a series of posts on small areas.  I’ll try to keep it authentic (that means no staging).

Let me start by saying, I love interior design.  My favorite past time is re-arranging furniture and coming up with new ideas on how to repurpose things.  My BF and I have lived in this apartment for about 4 years.  It’s come a long way on a small budget.  We live in a 750 sq ft railroad style apartment in an old run down four story walk up in NYC.  It’s size and layout has posed a lot of challenges, but I think we’ve been able to make it work.


This is my cozy little nook in our bedroom.  In the mornings, I curl up under this blanket and drink my coffee while I complete digital errands on my laptop.  We got this extra brand new sofa from Housing Works thrift shop for an amazing deal.  It was originally $1500 from Crate & Barrel, and I think we paid $200 for it.  I usually work on my laptop reclined on these cozy large plush faux fur pillows with a small firm pillow for lumbar support. Ergonomics is very important to us as you will see.  It’s dark in this room because my BF and dog are napping on the other side (not shown).  In general, I like keeping the light in our bedroom dim.  I’ve also kept the walls mostly bare to create a sense of calm.  In this corner though, I hung a neutral piece of DIY art that I made by framing layers of decorative paper. There’s a storage ottoman nearby that I use as a footrest and table.  It’s holding our Bose bluetooth speaker right now.  You can barely see it but my sleep headphones are on the arm rest on the right.  It’s literally my favorite thing ever.  I use it while on the sofa working or while in bed before I sleep.

The exposed brick adds a lot of warmth. I fluctuate from loving to hating it; Warm colors are kept to a minimum to balance things out.  Our furniture is limited to white, tan, gray, and a little bit of blue. We have nothing that is red; Red invokes chaotic emotions which is not what I want.  I want my home to feel as calm and peaceful as possible. We are big time homebodies and the cozy simplicity in our apartment reflects how much we enjoy spending time here with very little noise or distraction.

Share your thoughts.  What’s your color palette? Do you have a cozy nook at home?  


6 thoughts on “apt tour: the bedroom sofa is where I do my work

  1. love your nook! we have lots of brown and black in our house.. trying to lighten things up though. my nook is actually this big chair in the attic.. stays warm up there.


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