3 Links


Here are a few links I enjoyed this week.¬†ūüĆĽ

  1. This week I finished reading the book¬†Ametora,¬†a book on¬†how Japanese fashion became obsessed with perfecting the traditional American Ivy league style during the post world war II¬†period. ¬†A good read if you’re interested in fashion and history.
  2. I’m in need of a high quality cardigan that covers my hips. ¬†I was inspired by a sweater my Irish supervisor wore from her homeland. ¬†You can find beautiful¬†traditional Irish sweaters¬†in excellent condition secondhand online. ¬†The story of the¬†Aran sweater¬†is pretty interesting too (bonus links: ¬†on the meaning of Aran sweater patterns; and one Irish man¬†wearing his most cherished¬†garments, not exactly¬†chic, but I love the spirit¬†of his outfit).
  3. My Green Closet takes us to an ethical fashion trade show in Berlin in this youtube video.  Lots of creative ideas there worth checking out.  I especially love the faux leather handbags made out of pineapple leaves.

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