3 Links


Here’s a few links that I enjoyed this past week:

  1.  This New York Times article about Jesse Kamm is worth checking out.  I’ve been admiring those sailor pants of hers on other bloggers. Turns out Jesse Kamm is as effortlessly cool as you might imagine.  I love it when designers focus on producing one or a few things really well and stick with it.  And you gotta love her bare bones home in Panama too.  I might not ever buy her pants though because of my (lack of) shape.  But one can still admire from afar.
  2. If you have a dog, you might want to check out this podcast on how to understand and care for your dog.  It’s the most humane guide on dog ownership I’ve come across.  I have a happy 3 year old border collie / australian cattle dog who would attest to it.  (He’s a very good boy).
  3. I’m trying to eat healthier this year and discovered cauliflower “rice” (basically crumbled up cauliflower), which you can buy packaged or make yourself with a food processor.  Try tossing it with a tiny bit of EVOO, sea salt, black pepper, and a pinch ground sumac; roast it on a baking sheet at 450 degrees F for a few minutes until some of the bits become charred.  It’s delicious and guilt free. Maybe this method would work with broccoli too?


[image:  Chinese new year bouquet of flowers that I arranged next to a close up of my cauliflower recipe (pre-cooked)]

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