outfit:  for errands and chores

I don’t usually wear leggings as pants, but with athletic wear, I think it looks OK.  

This is the outfit I wore to run errands today.  I dropped off my boots at the cobbler to waterproof them with a layer of vibram.  Then I headed to Whole Foods for groceries to make a poultry themed Chinese New Year dinner because it’s the year of the rooster.  I promised the BF I’d make him authentic Chinese food tonight (I hardly ever cook anymore, so this is special).  I’m making goji berry Chinese chicken soup, Hainan chicken over rice, and steamed rainbow trout with a ginger sauce.  Maybe I’ll post a real outfit post tomorrow if I decide to get dressed.  I’m off to the flower shop now, while the broth simmers, to pick out a bouquet of flowers to bring in the New Year.  This year my mom sent me my red envelope through chase quickpay, funny.

[outfit: sleeping brain neuroscience conference sweatshirt, american apparel winter leggings, american apparel speckled trouser socks, new balance 999, james perse scoop neck tee (not shown)]

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