outfit: 1o


Ten.  That’s the number of pockets in this outfit.  A few well placed pockets can make or break an outfit for me.  

This ten pocket getup let’s me out the door free from carrying a purse.  These recent additions to my wardrobe feel so right, at the risk of being boring.  In the process of editing, I paid attention to the qualities of the clothes I wear most often and sought out new clothes with those same qualities.  In the past, I made the mistake of looking for unique stand-out styles because I thought hey, if I’m going to spend money, I should at least get a big bang out of it right?  –wrong!  This approach was not sustainable. Now I’m not afraid to buy a lot of similar things.  They mix and match better and I actually get more wear out of the same ol’ styles. More than ever for me, comfort and practicality is just as important as style.  This parka, work shirt, and jeans are all 100% cotton. They feel soft, substantial, and hang ever so slightly away from the body.

In case you didn’t know, I recently quit heels, but these Kork Ease wedges get by on a technicality.  They offer a lot of height without the pain.  Its seamless design and tapered shape really capture the essence of what a minimalist black mule should be (IMO).   I watched these shoes for over a year now and finally decided to buy them when I stumbled upon a pre-owned pair for sale online.  The only sane way I can shop secondhand is by keeping a mental wishlist and sticking to it.

I throw on a pair of wool socks when I go outside to keep the ankles warm.  I can’t wait until spring comes so I can wear this outfit without the need for a base layer and socks.  I officially hate winter.  I’m so over it.  Just one more winter to go and hopefully I’ll be back in California.  I’ll have to settle for the Beach Boys and daydreams for now. 🌻

[outfit:  APC nepal parka, Lemaire work shirt, Levi’s 501ct, Kork Ease greer wedges, American Apparel nude winter leggings (base layer)]

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