outfit: comfortable classics


Happy 3-day weekend folks!

Today is my day off (thank you MLK!), but I still have a lot of work to get done at home (presentations and lots of reading).  This outfit says exactly that–at home, but ready to take on the day.  When I step outside, I throw on a pair of wool socks to keep my ankles warm (it’s 36 degrees today!).

You might also notice that this is my first ever mirror selfie on this site.  I can’t seem to find an important camera accessory needed for my DSLR photos, so this will have to do until I can find it.  It’s faster to post pictures this way too, so I might stick with this method out of convenience.

I love everything about this outfit.  It’s put together, but comfortable and cozy.  Every peice is well made and found second hand.

[outfit:  lemaire work shirt, levi’s 501 ct, cluse watch, kork ease greer wedges]

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