an updated closet tour


In this post, I’ll take you on an updated tour of my closet.

After each closet purge, it’s hard for me to imagine another one, but I was able to thin out another big bag full of clothes recently.  My wardrobe is the smallest it has ever been.  There are gaps that need filling, so I expect it to get a bit larger in the near future.

I keep all my active clothes in one place to make outfit planning easier.   


The major thing that changed from my last closet tour is how I store my pants.  Before, all my pants were kept on hangers.  This was cumbersome because I’d often re-wear my pants and was too lazy to put them back on hangers during my busy work week.  Pants would end up on the floor or strewn over the rack of hangers.  To make life easier, I  decided to simply hang my pants directly on the rack.  I created three zones on the bottom rack: a separate pile for jeans, trousers, and loungewear.  With this arrangement, all of my pants are on display, making outfit planning easier.


I also put up a couple more plastic hooks on the doors to hang up my PJs and other high rotation intimates.

Clearing out the floor area opened up the energy flow in my wardrobe.  Before, I stored files and craft supplies on the floor area.  Inevitably tank tops fell off the hangers and got lost in the abyss of the dark closet floor.  Now anything that falls is easily retrievable.  The air circulates better and the atmostphere in my closet feels more peaceful.  I added a jar of activated charcoal to filter out any stale odors.  I think this is especially important if your clothes are stored in an enclosed space or if you tend to re-wear the same clothing items before washing.

I’m now storing all my shoes by the front door under the coat rack and keep my big winter coat on the rack.  This arrangement frees up a ton of space in my tiny closet.  I keep my socks and underwear in a dresser drawer nearyby.  I’m finally satisfied with the state of my closet.  I love good organizing solutions but I’m usually too lazy to maintain them.  I think this set up though strikes a nice balance.

What about you.  How do you store your clothes?  Would love to hear about it.

5 thoughts on “an updated closet tour

  1. Ah! I dont have a closet and live off of a clothing rack that is incredibly cramped! I love your idea of leaving a space below your clothes! Currently I have a shoe rack and it has a flat top so if clothes fall I never see them again until I wonder about them and start a hunt! Maybe I’ll move my shoes ☺ I’m def in need of a closet closet clean out! Do you sell your clothes?? I use Poshmark (an app). But lately it is so much easier to just donate stuff I don’t think I can sell.


    1. Thanks Bethany. Let me know how it goes with your closet editing. I do sell some of my clothes thru eBay via this site. The proceeds go to charity. And for select things, I’ll sell through poshmark. Most of my stuff gets donated or sent to ThredUp though.

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