closet mindfulness

When my closet is in order, I am in order.
 My favorite place at home is my closet room.  I’m grateful to have an entire room dedicated to my wardrobe and dedicated to myself.  I don’t have a dining room.  I don’t have an office or a desk, but I have my closet room.  It’s a quiet place where I can get ready in peace.  What happens in my closet sets the mood for the entire day.  As such, I’m careful about what enters and ruthless about what should go.  With age, getting dressed feels easier.  I’m left with more energy to start my day and do better at work.  

Ten years ago, my closet was a total mess.  There was plenty of cute clothes but what it lacked was a cohesive identity.  I was so frustrated, feeling like I never had anything to wear even though my closet was bursting at the seams. The state of my old wardrobe reflected what was going on inside, the process of becoming one’s self (as cheesy as that sounds).  When getting dressed, I try to stay in the present moment and today while doing this, I had this wonderful thought:  when you know what to wear, you know who you are, and vice versa– and that feels good!

Here’s a link to my closet tour.  I’ve made some changes recently and will post an updated tour soon.

[image:  everlane linen tank]

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