wardrobe planning for 2017


One of my goals for 2017 is to revamp my wardrobe so that I no longer feel frustrated when getting dressed in the morning.  

I trimmed a lot of fat in 2016 but I still have a ways to go.  In 2016, I didn’t have enough clothes for the summer heatwave and I was constantly frustrated with my uncomfortable dressy shoes.  My winter wardrobe game is pretty good now though, but needs a little bit of polishing.

Finances always come into play when wardrobe planning so before I get into that, let’s talk finances.  I just got done reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and feel amped to stay out of debt for good.  In early 2016, I was able to finally pay off all my credit card debt that I accrued being a perpetual student with little parental support for most of my life.  But a few astronomical dental bills and a broken laptop later put me right back into debt.  I will be able to pull myself out again in 2017 and hope to do even better.  I made an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my spending and have vowed to not use my credit card anymore.  Debit cards are just as safe apparently.  I’ll start taking on extra shifts at work to earn more income. My goals are to allow myself $1200 for wardrobe changes for the whole year.  If I make good choices this year, I’m hoping that means much less spending in subsequent years.  That leaves me with enough leftover money to pay off my bills, save a 3 month emergency fund, and save for a potential move back to Los Angeles in mid 2018.

My wardrobe successes in 2016 have usually been high quality basics and I plan to keep that trend up.  My goal is to pay more attention to detail and be less scared away by high prices, within reason of course.  Right now, the most I’d be willing to spend on clothing is in the $250 range, and a bit more for shoes or handbags.  At the tail end of 2016, I found a lot of quality designer clothes secondhand online, so whenever possible, I want to keep buying secondhand, especially with loose fitted tops and sweaters that are easier to size correctly online.

Here are some of my specific wardrobe goals for 2017.  I need to replace items that worked very hard  but sadly went into retirement.

  1. Birkenstocks –  My Arizona sandals crumbled apart in 2016.  Because I already have a few open toed sandals, I’m going to replace these with the Birkenstock Boston clogs design and wear them in the colder months with wool socks.
  2. Ankle boots – I wore my Sam Edelman’s petty boots to disintegration and got rid of my beloved Mars Boot because I’m quitting heels for comfort’s sake.  So now there’s this major gap in my wardrobe for ankle boots.  I’m looking into a sturdy basic kind and have my eyes on APC right now.
  3. Casual jacket – I had to put my army green jacket from China into retirement.  The sleeves shrunk down to 3/4 length and it was no longer serving it’s purpose as a jacket.  I’m looking for another army green jacket that will keep me warm on cool casual outings.
  4. Breton top – I know I said no more patterns for 2017, but bretons are the one exception.  My Cos breton top is worn down and needs replacing.  I’m looking into Kowtow for a replacement.  They have beautiful basics in their building blocks collection.

I need to get a couple things repaired this year as well.

  1. Trademark top – buttons need to be reinforced.  This shirt is my fav in the spring months.
  2. APC half moon bag – I love this bag and it’s still almost perfect after 3 years, but the sealant over the edges of the leather have started to peel and flake off.  I’ve contacted APC about it.  I’m hoping they can offer me a repair service referral.

Lastly, there are gaps that need to be filled.  I need a wardrobe appropriate for work and versatile enough for non-work.

  1. Trousers –  I need trousers that I can wear to work in the colder months.  I’m considering Elizabeth Suzanns cecilia pants and tilda pants in cotton canvas right now.  Also still have my eyes on Brass clothing’s pants with pockets.
  2. Midi 3/4 sleeve work dress – to layers with tights or worn alone.
  3. Tank dress – again to layer or wear alone
  4. Work shirt – I need a couple more basic non-T-shirt tops
  5. Light jeans – looking at some classic Levi’s.  I only have two pairs of jeans now.  Maybe 3 is too much?  Still debating.
  6. Hip length cardigan – for modesty and layering at work because it gets cold inside.
  7. Shorts – I only have one pair of shorts now, and need to prep for summer
  8. Knee length skirt – I’m 31 now, and need a skirt that isn’t mini.

These are reasonable goals, I think.  I’m going to  push myself to complete them all and not hesitate to invest in more quality this year.  So far that approach has paid off.  I think overall, I spend less now than when I was shopping in fast fashion a couple years ago.  What about you?  Do you have any wardrobe goals for 2017?

8 thoughts on “wardrobe planning for 2017

  1. I love this post so much. My goal is the Vionic slippers you are wearing in your other “today” post (go you, by the way!). It sounds like I really need to read that book. I have heard a lot about him and he speaks at a lot of churches, so I’ve always been a little bit hesitant to follow his philosophy (I’m a huge skeptic)–but now, I’m intrigued!
    I love Birkenstocks and highly recommend the Boston. The ankle boots from APC are unbelievable (looking)–do you know if an 8 is a 38 or 39? I live in the Midwest and have zero access to a store. I guess I could call. Thanks for your always insightful and inspiring posts! Happy 2017!


    1. Thank you Beth. The book gave me some useful insights and was a big motivator. I didn’t care too much about the religious aspect to it but it was very minimal. Quick read too… can be done in a day or two. Apc tends to run small so i would buy the 39 if you are an 8. I bought a 39 and usually wear 9, and they were a cm too small. 🤓


  2. Those are great goals. Have you seen Esby’s pant collection? They have some dreamy wideleg pants. Also, the bomber by Everlane is really cute for a light jacket and it comes in olive green.

    I love Dave Ramsey’s money philosophy! We use his EveryDollar app for budgeting and I really like it. It took me some adjustment after using spreadsheets for so long, but now I find it easier.

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    1. Thanks Andrea. Haven’t heard of either but will now have to check it out. The spreadsheet thing is a bit labor intensive so if that app is easier, I’m in. 🙂


  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love E.S. pants, especially the florence for casual wear. I am also eyeing the canvas tilda. I just copped a pair of the silk florence pants for fancier occasions, I love how flowy they are. How do you like your clyde pants? I get a tickle out of how in sync our closets are ;D Every post you write, I find myself nodding, and getting excited!


    1. They have the best pants. I love the clyde ones… wore them today actually. Love catching up on your blog too and would love to see pics of your outfits more =).


  4. Have you thought about having your Birkenstocks repaired? Much of the time the cork can be refurbished. Don’t forget to reseal it with time!


    1. I did consider that but the cost of repairing almost matches the cost of the shoe and I found the Boston clog for $15, so went that route. I am finding it hard to finally let go of the Arizona more so than other things in my wardrobe, so who knows I might just have to repair them.


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