wardrobe: my favorite thing in 2016


It’s new year’s eve and 2016 is almost over. I’m reflecting on the changes to my wardrobe this year. I removed a lot of unnecessary stuff out and filled in some necessary gaps with quality pieces that have for the most part worked out well with a few exceptions.

Out of all my wardrobe additions this year, my favorite one has been the SleepPhones by Sheep Acoustics.

They feel so cozy and make the experience of listening to podcasts, audiobooks, lectures, and music infinitely more pleasant than using traditional headphones. They have been keeping my ears warm in the winter when walking my dog outside. And they have been keeping my unruly hair in place while I sleep so that my hair is in place when I start my day. I’m a light sleeper, and with all my responsibilities, and the noise in NYC, getting a good night’s sleep is difficult. These sleepphones have made it much easier to fall asleep to guided meditation or listening to a book with a sleep timer on. I like that the audio is slightly away from the ear to create an ambient quality that can be adjusted by moving the internal flat speakers either closer or further away from the ears.

This new years I’m staying in and staying cozy with my two boys (BF and dog), with some warm tea, music, and some much needed zen. My new years resolutions are two-fold: 1) to stay present and 2) to be mindful everyday that we all share this one planet together.  I think that if we can all do this, the world will be a better place.

Happy New Years to us all.  Peace & Love.

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