wardrobe planning for 2017


With all the efforts that I’ve put into revamping my wardrobe, getting dressed still feels frustrating. I just got done with another round of editing and put a few things into retirement: many things that were torn, worn down, or shrunken and my beloved Birkenstocks that have begun to crumble after nearly everyday use for 2.5 years.  Those will need replacing for sure.  I removed a few more patterned tops that I naturally stopped gravitating towards.  I almost always get bored of patterns and stop wearing them.   So I’ve decided:  no more patterns in 2017!  My new Everlane long puffer has turned out to be a really great buy. I’ll be donating my old Zara winter coat to the NYC coat drive, but with the torn hood detached and thrown out. I’m also letting go of two pants that have shrunk with washing: my old Madewell high rise skinny jeans in black and my new Everlane Ponte Pants. I was majorly disappointed by Everlane’s Ponte Pant anyway, so I’m kind of happy to be passing them along.

A lot of dead weight from my wardrobe is now gone, but now I need to fill major gaps.  I don’t have a full wardrobe. I don’t have enough work appropriate clothes to wear beyond one week. And if it suddenly got hot, I wouldn’t have enough shirts to last me a week either.  I’ll have to wear the same things from week to week, but most of my outfits are so basic, I don’t think anyone will notice.  I’m making it a goal to only add items that will make other parts of my wardrobe work better. So far I’ve been longing for some comfortable work appropriate pants with real pockets. I like the pants from Brass (as per style bee and capsule closet recs) but I’m debating if they are a bit too tight for work. I also need a drape-y black tank dress that can be worn under cropped sweaters to cover my hips. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful silk dresses that fit the description but I haven’t had the guts to take the plunge into silk.  Anything that needs dry cleaning means I won’t wear it.  Looking back at my shopping habits, I realize now that my approach didn’t work because I was adding a lot of unique and cute pieces that were pretty much standalone items and didn’t translate into work horse items that could create many different outfits.  This is how the feeling of ‘I have a lot of clothes but nothing to wear’ was born.  So my goal now is to focus on building a versatile foundation.  And to do that, I’m going to plan out what I need, then go looking with that in mind.  I’m looking forward to making my wardrobe finally work well.   Anyway, hope you guys are all having a cozy and relaxing holiday!

[outfit:  everlane wool beanie (not shown), james perse scoop t shirt, levi’s 501 ct, birk0-flor birkenstocks (retired), cluse watch]

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