outfit: winter puffer


I was in need of a warmer winter coat and nabbed this puffer by Everlane before they sold out.  I had to replace my old Zara puffer that I had for 4 years after it caught a feather spitting hole.  It was also never warm enough on windy days anyway.  The design of this new puffer is well thought out.   

I like the big A line / cocoon shape over the cinched at the waist kind of puffers.  Oddly, I think they are actually more slimming.  The buttons are really unique, a little hard to snap into place, but look good open and closed.  It kept me really warm today in 40 degree weather.  The hood has good coverage and stays in place against winds.  Definitely an A+ find.  Highly recommend if they end up restocking it.


[image: everlane puffer (xs), american apparel winter leggings, new balance 999]

UPDATE:  This puffer is significantly warmer than any puffer I’ve ever owned.  I do not feel cold at all in 30 degree weather with this on and I’m really sensitive to cold, being from LA.

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