good cause: everlane donates helmets to Vietnamese factory workers on black friday

fullsizerender-1I wasn’t going to post anything during my vacation here in Vietnam, but I couldn’t help myself when I found out Everlane has decided to donate thousands of helmets to Vietnamese factory workers on black friday.  I was so struck by how chaotic traffic is here in Hanoi and how many motorcyclists dangerously go without helmets completely or with inadequate helmets.  I took the above picture of a mother and her child during my taxi ride into Old Town Hanoi. The Vietnamese people have suffered a great deal over the last several decades and continue to struggle, especially with the worsening environmental impacts of manufacturing the clothes on our backs.  It’s suiting we find ways to give back.  I was already planning on purchasing Christmas gifts from Everlane, but I am now more encouraged to do so.  I’ve been thinking of re-purchasing their texture tank to replace my  worn down one that I bought a while back too.  I highly recommend it if you’re in need of a basic tank that is a bit elevated and flattering to any body type.

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