wardrobe: my go to leggings this season (+ an announcement!)


When the weather gets cooler, I begin to put away my ankle cropped trousers and start wearing warm leggings again.  At any given time, I have 5 pairs on rotation.  My favorite so far has been the “winter leggings” by American Apparel.  

I like them because they are 100% cotton, matte, and completely opaque.  I think the details of leggings really matter and can either cheapen or elevate your overall outfit.  I especially like these leggings worn under shift dresses that I wear to work.  They give a good amount of compression and rise high on the waist for a flattering fit.  The best part is that they keep you really warm down to 40 degree weather.  When it gets freezing cold, you may need to add one more layer.  It’s hard to find good leggings.  Most are made of polyester or are too thin.  I almost invested in Eileen Fisher leggings that go for over $90 dollars after reading glowing reviews.  But honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much and can’t imagine that they are any better than these.  They are discounted for $16 on Amazon.  If you’re looking for a pair, I highly recommend these.  They run a bit long but can be easily tailored or folded.  I’ve felt conflicted about shopping from American Apparel in the past, but after they fired Dov Charney, I feel better about it, knowing that their clothes are made in Los Angeles, and not in sweatshop factories.

In other news, I’m working on creating a second hand shop here to sell things I no longer need.  A lot of the things for sale are hard to part with and has been seen on this blog, but for one reason or another I have to let them go.  I think you guys might find some good things there. The proceeds will be going towards a charity TBD.  I’ve been getting tired of using ThredUp and reading about problematic issues about donating to Goodwill.  So I’m going to experiment with selling my own things, and hopefully will be able to downsize and give to a good cause.  It’s a win-win.  The actual transactions will probably go through ebay though, since wordpress, I discovered, restricts the ‘add to cart’ plugin nowadays.  Stay tuned!

[image:  Uniqlo oversized knit top, Americal Apparel winter leggings]

6 thoughts on “wardrobe: my go to leggings this season (+ an announcement!)

  1. Yay! I buy almost all of my clothing second hand. I hope we are the same size! I sell on poshmark…but it can be a little dramatic for my taste. Too much “darling” and “hun.”
    Let me know when you are ready to sell. I am going to check out those leggings right now because “preach”–a good legging is hard to find (if I may create a Flannery O’connor pun) !

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    1. Yes, thanks for the enthusiasm.. I tried poshmark recently but find that it is a bit too chaotic. I’m still giving it a go though. I’m hoping to create a more intimate second hand shop here.


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