outfit: for a rainy day


I’m prepping my wardrobe for the fall/winter months.  This weekend, it rained quite a bit, so I pulled out these waterproof Ariat boots from the back of my closet to go run some errands.  I invested in these boots last winter when my feet nearly froze off when I was stranded by a stalled subway train at rush hour.  It was very painful and I never want to be in that situation ever again.  I did a lot of research on weather proof boots and read a lot of reviews before purchasing.  Ariat is known for making high quality horse riding and outdoor work boots. Maybe I overdid it, but I have to say these are the most high tech shoes I’ve ever worn.

They certainly are not pretty and at a size 9, they feel clunky.  The trade off, however, is incredible support, durability and warmth.  I feel like an astronaut in these!  I like how they hug and stabilize my arches and ankles.  Standing in the subway train in these is less tiring than in any other shoe I own.  The front zipper and the rubber notch on the heels make it easy to pull these on and off too.  I plan on leaving a pair of ballet flats at work to change into and plan on using these boots only for my commute.  These boots will last forever too.  I’ll probably never need to replace them.

[outfit:  old calvin klein rain coat, cos wool breton top, uniqlo black leggings, ariat paddock insulated boots, tote clear bubble umbrella]

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