outfit: ’tis the season for socks and sandals


Fall is upon us people!  Every fall, I desperately look for ways to keep wearing sandals long after every sane person in New York has  transitioned to boots.  Last year I got some judgmental looks and overheard New Yorkers outright teasing me for wearing wool socks with Birkenstocks in public (sometimes I just don’t care how I look ok).

This year, I decided to fem it up a little bit with cutesy socks (maybe that will be more socially acceptable?). I think girly seasonal socks  look great peeking out of ankle booties or with 70’s style wedge sandals, with an otherwise simple outfit.

You can probably achieve the same effect with solid pastel colors that you may already own rather than going out to buy something new.

What do you think of the whole socks and sandals thing?  Is it a no-no? or can it work?

[outfit:  objects without meaning knit sweater, elizabeth suzann clyde work pants, madewell socks, kork ease myrna classic wedge sandals (similar by APC), cluse watch]

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