Millennial women want retailers to know their style identities.


Restaurants with a  million and one items on the menu are invariably bad.  When they try to do too much, they don’t do anything well.  The same goes for fashion.  The modern woman is more decisive and in tune with her style identity than any generation before hers. 

We want retailers who understand that and are brave enough to hone in on their own identities, creating a cohesive message with their clothes.  In recent years, I quit shopping at department stores and other retailers with too much variety.   I’m simply too fatigued to wade through other women’s styles.  When I enter a store, I want to already know that the brand is in line with my identity and values.  We all have different style identities.  Think of the woman in the MNZ palma sandals, and contrast that to the woman in Doc Martins combat boots.  Retailers should stop  spewing out a sea of junk every other week and focus.  They seem to think that if they keep showing us more styles every other week, we will all salivate and buy buy buy.  This stops working on the intentional woman.

When we know who we are, it becomes much easier to make decisions for ourselves.  We become immune to the pressure of bad trends.  Retailers need to make a decision on who they want to serve.  Pick one and do it well!  Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

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